Cynical On Balance

I have a friend who happens to be a bureaucrat.  He works in the political realm on the Republican side, and we generally get a few minutes to talk about politics and the status of Congressional races once per week.  I do believe he’s more of an ‘R’ than I am, and he definitely knows much more about the legislative process than me.

So, it was with great dismay that I heard him say, “There’s no way they’d pass a Balanced Budget Amendment.”  I was immediately angry.  My naïve idealistic conservative brain was met with the inside harsh reality that is the sausage grinder of the U.S Congress.  You could feel that he just ‘knows’ the place is owned by the special interests, and the parasites will never let the host body of deficit spending die.

There it is.  A good man on the inside can say with certainty that the people who would tell you and me to live within our means, will never live within the means entrusted to them.  The men and women we hired to be good stewards of our money, simply, never will.

Even more disappointing is the fact that the statement comes from a mid-level bureaucrat – one of a hundred thousand disillusioned, cynical bureaucrats that are supposedly working for the greater good.  These are the people who make up the middle class of the Federal Government – the ones who, like the general American middle class, have the real power.  These are the ones who really get everything done.

Conservatives and anyone with a lick of sense know that the budget must be balanced immediately.  There is no more time to wait – the very heartbeat of our country is in the crosshairs.  Well, what to do.

Here’s a list of things to do to solve this problem:

1.    Vote out all incumbents

And with them will go many of those bureaucrats who have stopped working for the people and are ‘just working for the machine’.  The people who have given up on the government will be replaced with new wild-eyed and energetic patriots from outside the beltway.  A new dawn will rise over our Capitol, and real change may spring forth.

Pipe dream.  Option 1 will never happen.  The D’s and R’s have a stranglehold on our government and on our debt.  No change. No hope as long as the status quo remains in effect.

Maybe this is the clarion call for a 3rd party.  I am not a proponent of the 3rd party, but, if the Tea Party Patriots, Republicans, and Democrats each make up 1/3 of the electorate, then there is a great chance that Tea Party Patriots could win elections and get the spending under control.  We’ve watched as both the Democrats and Republicans have spent us into certain oblivion; why do we think they will stop the spending when they haven’t reduced the national debt since 1968.  Are we wasting our time hoping the Republican Party can be brought under control?  Maybe we are.

In his cynicism, my friend may have given Conservatives their most powerful reason for splitting from the Republican Party.  In his candor, did we receive our marching orders?  In his frustration, possibly, he lit a fire.

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