I’m Heterosexual And I’m Going To The Prom

I went to my first prom in 1980.  I did not find it necessary to announce that I am heterosexual.  If gay, I doubt that I would have announced such in a school that forbade gay prom dating… …unless I wanted to cause a flap.

Lesbian Teen Sues To Force School To Hold Prom

So, the school canceled the prom instead of changing the rule to allow gay couples to attend.  And, we’re suing for an affirmative injunction to force the school to hold the prom — a standing that will be hard to prove.


It’s interesting to me that, at her age, she can make the choice to be Lesbian, which is an astounding decision for her age.  She’s not mature enough to drink, vote, join the armed forces, be a state representative, can not make the choice to have sex with a 25 year old or 52 year old, but she can determine her sexual preference.

Another thought is… …what if one of the boy’s had a nice white sheep for a girlfriend; would that be his ‘free expression’ and okay w/ the ACLU et al?  If not, then where do you draw the line?  Multiple partners?  I’m certainly not equating homosexuality with bestiality, but it is a ‘slippery-slope’ argument.  If we allow inter-racial and homosexual couples, why do we draw the line there?  Shouldn’t we allow multiple partners (ala former Mormon rules), tree lovers, a girl and her tricycle?

This is a perfect example of why the federal government should not be involved with school in any way.  States must be the highest level of control and more choice needs to be available to handle such situations.  Vouchers would allow people to go to private school.  She could choose a school that welcomes homosexuals and others could choose differently.

You know — Freedom.

But government is not and never has been about freedom.

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