Abortion and Health Care

Below is my response to a liberal friend that wanted to fuss about Abortion and Health Care today. The basic point of the e-mail I received was:

  • I have no right to have an opinion on abortion unless I have a vagina
  • Rich people shouldn’t be the only ones getting heart transplants
  • Health Insurance premiums are too high

My Reply…

I have every right to have an opinion about ANYTHING — including abortion. And, if your really feel that I have no right to an opinion on abortion, then I don’t know how we’re going to be able to have further reasonable discussions.

It amazes me that liberals will fight to the death over a tree, a whale, and bait fish. They consider a single-celled amoeba to be ‘life’ — but when it comes to a baby, 1.3 pounds of human flesh is expendable. BTW, my girlfriend’s now 18yo daughter was born at 22.5 weeks and 1.3 pounds. And, that kid has been fighting for her life since she was a couple hundred cells. Guess she and 40,000,000 like her have no rights, eh?

If it’s not a human baby in there, then what the hell is it?!?!?

This whole circus is not about Health Care or Abortion. It is not about anything more than Democrat and Progressive control over our country and the increase of Washington’s power over you and me. We don’t need 16500 new IRS employees to enforce a good law – period. We don’t have to lie about the totality of legislation and hide 1/3 of the cost in a sidecar bill if it’s good law – period. And that is 1 of the thousands of nefarious things inside this bill.

And our country ALREADY has the best survival rate for heart disease and most cancers, so we don’t need this bill for those maladies. And if you want TRUE health care reform, then why are we doing all the things that are already failing times a million.

This is nothing more than typical liberal tax and spend policies and those policies haven’t worked on the war on poverty, the war on drugs, the USPS… …and are failing on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

So much for real change.

Has anyone yet explained how we’re going to add 30,000,000 people to the health insurance and have doctors (who are and will leave the profession in droves) to care for them. The medical loss ratio issues are completely ignored and going to add 100s of billions to the cost. And, why isn’t anyone screaming about Obama’s lie on taxing the middle class. He’s done nothing but tax the middle class since he came into office. These bills double-down on taxing the middle class.

I’ve already listed 5-10 things for you that would be TRUE health care reform — most of which are free. True competition and TRUE free market are the only way to improve the system. We have not had true free markets over the past 30 years; that is the problem.

Your premiums are going to skyrocket. Have fun with that. Thought 39% was bad?!?! Wait till they go up compliments of government bureaucrats and enjoy all the new taxes to go with it.

And if this is so freaking wonderful, why are they hiding a takeover of the ENTIRE student loan industry inside this bill?!?!? …without which the CBO would be scoring the HR3590 as only reducing the debt by about $50B over the decade? Heard any of the MSNBC pundits talking about that lie?!?! Hmm?!?! Forget about reconciliation (HR4872) and the sidecar doctor fix (HR3961) that net the whole thing to an additional $59B in deficits over the decade. Lie. Lie. Lie.

What else is our freedom loving Obama going to nationalize (with the help he had from Bush)? He’s got the auto industries, the banks, the student loan industries, and now the health care system. The government now owns like 60% of the economy. What else is left?

That’s (the start of) my rant. (I could go on and on)

The damn thing had me up and unable to sleep last night. I just can’t believe that it affected me that much.

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