Republicans Fund Abortions

The next game to be played by the Progressives in the Federal Government and the Main Stream Media will be to make the claim that Republicans WANT to fund abortions. I can see it now.

As the Republicans continue to fight the socialization of America and the Progressive / Union / Liberal takeover of the Health Care system, they will fight to stop the Reconciliation Bill in the Senate with every parliamentary tactic at their disposal. Amendments will be proposed, debate rules will be fought, and stalling tactics will be employed. Republicans and Conservatives will fight tooth and nail.

At some point, a sleazy bureaucrat, Senator or Congressman will posit that the Republicans ‘know’ that the Senate bill is the law of the land. And, by fighting against the Reconciliation and Sidecar Bills, they are fighting to keep the status quo which includes… …the funding of abortions. “The Republicans are fighting to keep abortion funding in place”

Bureaucrats will copy it, and Senators and Congressmen will pass it along. The MSM will pick it up and report it as gospel.

Conservatives and Republicans need to be ready for this next ploy of the Progressives and Democrats… …guaranteed… …like death and taxes.

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