A Wizard Attacks?

Can someone tell me what the description of the male attacker means? Was this guy a wizard?!?


Students, staff and faculty,

The Department of Public Safety is providing the following information to the University community.

A female SLU student has reported an assault that occurred at 7:05 p.m. Monday, April 12, in a second floor Women’s restroom in Xavier Hall.

While washing her hands, the student reports that she was approached from behind by an unknown person who grabbed her around the neck. When the student screamed, the suspect reportedly pushed her to the ground and ran from the restroom. The student reports that she was not injured.

The student describes the suspect as a male wearing a full-length maroon robe and black hat with a thin veil.

DPS has increased its patrols in Xavier Hall and is investigating the incident in conjunction with St. Louis police. Anyone with information is urged to contact DPS at (314) 977-3000.

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