Tea Party and 1/3

23 Apr

The Tea Partiers continue to wisely view the forest and not just the trees.  All responsible leaders of the movements have said we are not starting a 3rd party.  We are going to work from within the Republican Party to get Conservatives Elected, remove Progressive and Liberal Legislation and Legislators, and enact Conservative Legislation.

But, that begs a question for me.  What reason do the entrenched Republicans have to really change — and I mean REALLY change — from their version of socialism they’ve legislated for the past 30 years?

In a word: None.

Just like McCain has run to the right to pretend he’s un-maverick / un-liberal, the entrenched Republicans will pretend they believe in Conservatism for the 2010 election and then legislate in the middle — running to the left to compromise Conservatism in a “Spirit of Bi-Partisanship.”

To ensure that the Republican Party makes the right moves, the Tea Party should keep the specter of the 3rd party alive-and-well throughout 2010 and 2012.  You want power in the RNC?  Let them know that you will take away their votes.  Nothing woke the RNC up more than the possibility that 1/3 of the American Electorate and 75% of the Republican voter base would vote for a Tea Party candidate over a Republican or Democrat.

So, the next time you are asked, “Will the Tea Party start a 3rd party?”

Answer, “If the Republicans continue to ignore Conservatism and do not stop the spending and do not reduce the size of government… …3rd party is guaranteed.”

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