Metro-East Riot Police Quell Dangerous Right Wing Extremists

30 Apr

As the President toured the country to allow the masses to thank him for the bankrupting legislation he and CONgress have passed since his election, he visited Quincy, IL on Wednesday April 28, 2010.  About forty St. Louis Conservatives joined (via Rolling Tea Party) with another 350 Conservatives from the Quincy and beyond to continue to let Mr. Obama know that his policies and beliefs are a danger to this great nation.

Apparently, the decision was made that the peaceful crowd was the true danger and and the riot police had to be called.  You can see in the video below that the crowd was beyond control and the SWAT Squad arrived in the nick of time (4m40s):

As you saw, there were a few hundred people milling around; some on the street; most on the sidewalk.  No yelling; no bottle throwing; no rock throwing; no nothing!!

Now, to be fair, I have heard that the Secret Service asked folks at the other end of the block to move back and they did not.  Considering I was in the middle of that same street, they must have been whispering the ‘move back’ request to each other because I never heard it, and 10 people I talked to hadn’t heard it.

Videos of the Arizona Illegal Immigrant attack on the police don’t show such well dressed Riot Police.  Bottom line; it was overkill to bring out the Mod SWAT Squad and scare the kids and seniors peacefully demonstrating on a public street.  Such displays can only be expected as the Narcissist In Chief continues his reign of arrogance and intimidation.


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2 responses to “Metro-East Riot Police Quell Dangerous Right Wing Extremists

  1. Mark Howerter

    April 30, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    Take a look at the new pictures and videos of the event in Quincy


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