Will They Get It?

American Citizens started exercising in 2009 and are continuing to get some great exercise in 2010.  I, too, love to take my rights out and exercise them when I have a chance.  And against all the elitist snobbery evinced by the State Run Media, American Citizens continue to vote against the Washington establishment, the 30+ year incumbents, and the dire warnings of those that want to stay in power.  They continue to vote against what has been revealed as the true platform of the Obama Administration and the Socialist Progressive Democrat Party.  If you are in power in Congress (and soon the Presidency), you are likely to be out of power soon.  No one is safe in either party.

The pundits, especially on the Left, are confounded by this turn of events.  With disbelief that the American Citizens have rejected the march to Socialism, they lament that this is not a referendum on the Obama Presidency.  Even Ben Stein posed that it was wrong to vote out the incumbents because they voted for TARP.   Unfortunately, Mr. Stein does not recognize what the American Citizens do… …that the Government has been working for Wall Street and not Main Street; that Wall Street got big bonuses and Main Street got laid off; Wall Street got bailed out with Main Street’s hard work and labors.

American Citizens get it, but will the Republican Party wake up to what is expected of them.  This is the last chance for the Republican Party.  If they are honored with a majority in Congress and the Presidency, this is their last opportunity provide the country with the planks they say define their party:  Limited Government, Low Taxes, Balanced Budget and Security.

Tread carefully Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians and Teabaggers don’t trust you, but we are willing to give you one more try.

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