Shoot First; Hate Later

To me, it sounds like the Extremist Islamification of Mexicans where the US Border Patrol Agents (and those US Citizens that expect laws and the Constitution to be upheld) are denounced as infidels that must be killed or subjugated.

Mexican Anger High as U.S. Border Patrol Kills Teen

Again, a member of the US Border Patrol, while legally detaining an illegal immigrant, must protect himself from attack by Mexicans — this time, rock-throwers.  Again, the US Border Patrol Agent is held out to be some wild-eyed-wild-west-gunslinger while some innocent boys were simply playing near a bridge that happened to be near the border.  Again, the family of the invader pretends that the child was a God-fearing Mexican that loved his country and was killed by the evil Americans.  You know, those Americans that evicted the Mexicans from their land in the 1800s (viva La Raza).

It all sounds like the Jihadists, the Palestinians, the Shia, and the Sunnis.

– The evil [westerner] has stolen what is rightfully [ours].

– ‘The evil [westerner] continues to kill [our] innocent and lawful brethren.

– The evil [westerner] must be stopped and subjugated to [our] ways.

For “westerner”, insert American, Jew, Israeli, European.

For “our”, insert Palestinian, Mexican, Islam(s), Jihadist.

And so it has continued for the past 40 years of my memory.  One of the first news items I remember seeing in 1969 on the black-and-white TV in St. John, Missouri was the rock-throwing Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.  “Why are they throwing rocks?” I asked. ‘Because the Palestinians hate the Israelis and think they have stolen their land.’

Why do the Mexicans throw rocks?  Because they think the Americans have stolen what is rightfully theirs?

The hate has continued there; and the hate continues to grow on the Mexican border.  And, until those that hate learn that the only solution is to look within themselves, the danger and killing and poverty and sadness will continue to grow into all out war.  Taking land from America or the Israelis will not satisfy their hate.  Only, looking within themselves as a society and growing in good and positive ways will help them to achieve happiness.

Turn around and look at yourselves; what you want ain’t here.

One response to “Shoot First; Hate Later”

  1. levelsofillusion Avatar

    … “until those that hate learn that the only solution is to look within themselves”…

    Come on, you can’t be that simpleminded. People watch their children suffer, have bombs dropped on them and lack (through NO fault of their own) what others have in abundance and squander… and your answer is… they are not looking within enough?

    Why not… “Let them eat cake!”

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