Maximus Freedomus

In the beginning there was God, and God created Man and Woman… …and gave them Free Will.  Or, if you don’t believe in God, in the beginning, there was nothing, which magically exploded and created man… …who has Free Will.  And for all the centuries of recorded history, men and women have struggled to be free.  The slaves of the Pharaohs, the Jews in the concentration camps, the slaves in America, the slaves of Islam.  Man struggles to be free and exercise his free will.

Along comes the U.S.A., the American Experiment, a country ruled by free people, with great freedoms to excel in a free market… …and in 200 short years, an astounding growth in richness and wealth is felt throughout the globe.  Led by the U.S.A, their free people, their freedom, and their free market, the world explodes with technology and health.

Two Maxims are that Government is a necessary evil and that Government takes away freedoms.  And, in the past 100 years, the Progressive cancer is slowly eroding our freedoms.  The Income Tax along with the exponential growth of the Federal Government has eroded our ability to enjoy the fruits of our labors.  The ever-growing level of regulation stifles our entrepreneurs and small businesses with rules and regulations.  And, the entitlement culture generating a massive Federal debt robs our future generations of liberty.

As the Federal government continues to grow, they tell the unwashed ‘small’ people that they are the experts and will tell us how to live, what light bulbs to buy, what washers to buy, how to get health care, how to run the banks, how to build a car, and how to generate power.  Progressives love to cite their experts and build regulations to force their agenda on the people.

Each regulation, each rule, each law, each hour you work to pay taxes, each program, each entitlement, each earmark takes away a little bit of your freedom, and the great American experiment teeters on the edge of tyranny.

The only solution is to reduce the Government intrusion and return the maximum of the three F’s to the people:  Freedom, Free Will, Free Market.

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