Democrats To Cut Taxes

Knowing that Democrats care about getting elected FIRST and the American People, the Deficit, and reality LAST, we know that they will vote to extend the Bush Tax Cuts well in advance of the elections this fall.  They will traipse around the country declaring that they care about the deficit and keeping the tax burden at a minimum for the middle class.

In the past 4 years that the Democrats have been in control of Congress, they have talked  constantly about the need to raise revenues (taxes) and little (if any) about cutting spending.  Steny Hoyer confirms the Democrat mantra here. In fact, the increase in the DEFICIT (amount borrowed)  from 2007 – 2011 will be 5 TRILLION dollars.

The lack of responsibility in the Democrat Congress is astounding and completely ignores the will of the people — with or without the Tea Party.  The electorate for the 18 months that is the Obama presidency have shown time and again that they intend to elect Fiscal Conservatives to get our spending under control (including Social Security and Medicare), keep taxes low, and retire the country’s debt.  The electorate has told Congress and the President that it is time for Americans to be responsible for themselves, protect their borders, return illegal immigrants to their country of origin, and return to the Constitution’s intent of a small Federal Government.

Yet, those in the Democratically controlled government continue to tell us that we need more government.  That’s the same things as the vacuum cleaner salesman telling you that you need a stronger vacuum cleaner.

America’s not buying what they’re selling, and while the Democrats move to the Center to run for re-election, let all voters stay alert to the big government gods and high tax goddesses that the Democrats truly serve.

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