Cognitive Dissonance

Ed Martin asked the question today on Twitter, “Why are economists “shocked” when socialist policies fail to create jobs? #TCOT #TeaParty”

Knowing he was being facetious, I played along and made the quick reply — Cognitive Dissonance. He already knew the answer I’m sure.

Defined, Cognitive Dissonance is the is the feeling of uncomfortable tension which comes from holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time.

So, economists who follow socialist policies…

  • Increase spending
  • Increase government control
  • Increase debt

…all while knowing that the massive size of the spending, government control, and debt will lead to disastrous consequences of financial failure of the U.S much like Greece… …feel shock when they see the policy failing.

This is much like the smoker (which I was for 28 years).  You know its wrong and it’s bad for you, but it feels good at the time so you keep doing it.  Only 40 years down the road you are stricken with cancer and pay the price of your 28 years of cognitive dissonance.

America will surely pay the price for the policies of the socialist.  Unsustainable debt, hyper-inflation, high unemployment, vast realignment of the public sector, stagflation, unbearable energy costs — all in our imminent future as we continue down the socialist path.  The only chance for America is if, when returned to power, the Republicans listen to the Tea Party and make drastic and massive cuts to government spending and taxes.  If you’re on the public dole at any level, you better be looking for a way to get back into the private sector.  It’s America’s only shot!

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