15 PPM

01 Jul

In another example of the Liberal Progressive Democrat thrashing of the entrepreneurial spirit, BP and the Federal Government rebuffed Mr. Nobu Su of Taiwan, CEO of TMT Corporation in his efforts to help save the Gulf from the growing oil slick.  Mr. Su had offered to retrofit massive (1115 ft) tankers with skimming equipment and lease them for the cleanup efforts in the gulf.  So, Mr. Su, taking a queue from American spirit, modified the tanker and received authorization to make port in Virginia.

Creating a giant shadow in Virginia, the Federal Government can’t hide the tanker from the press and the people, so the Coast Guard will test the vessel’s veracity to skim oil and return clean water to the gulf.  In spite of the Federal Government, we’re going to get this cleaned up.

And, in steps the EPA.

In an astonishing (lo expected) exhibition of out-of-control government, the EPA is concerned that the water returned to the gulf by the ‘A Whale’ tanker may be less than 99.9985% pure.  So, that’s it.  If there are .0016% of impurity in the water that is returned to the gulf after the vessel has cleaned millions of gallons of disgusting oil filled sludge, the EPA may deem the vessel unworthy to perform its duties.

Now, I don’t know about you, but it seems that there is already more than .0015% impurities in the water in the gulf.  Or is it just me.  And, removing millions  (maybe billions) of gallons of oil from already impure water takes precedence over draconian rules (established for the general daily harassment of the American corporation).

15 Parts Per Million?!?!  I think 30PPM or maybe 100PPM may be okay for this little job.  How about we give it a shot!

Free Enterprise Crashes The Party

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