Crock Proof

02 Jul

Looking at the employment numbers out today, we have simple PROOF that the Unemployment Rate is a CROCK.  A net of 125,000 jobs were LOST, and yet the ‘Governemnt’ Unemployment Rate went down.  Only in Government and Bureaucracy can a net job loss cause an improvement in the percentage of unemployed.

Of course that means that fewer people were ‘looking for work’, but the bottom line is that they are still out of work.  The Republican Party ought to take note of the fact that Americans want the Simple Truth, and should we honor them with control of the House and Senate, they better give us the plain and simple truth.  We want to know how many people are in the USA, how many are working full-time, and how many are working part-time.  Instead they play games with the numbers to make the economy look like its improving greatly when it’s barely creeping along.

The President and Democrats will no doubt tout the improvement in the rate as a sign that the Stimulus of 2009 is working and their policies are saving America.  People with the least bit of intelligence and awareness will get a migraine.

Americans have been screaming for the truth on the Fed.  Yeah, we want that.  We want the truth on Unemployment, the National Debt, and EVERYTHING our employees (the government) is doing on our behalf.

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Posted by on July 2, 2010 in Democrat, Republican


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