5 Miles for Proposition “C”

On July 3rd, Michelle Moore and I decided to do ‘something’ in the O’Fallon, Missouri parade.  We thought we would be walking for our friend Dave Evans who is running for State Representative in the 19th District.  But as we walked about 2 miles from the midpoint of the parade to where (we were told) Dave was starting from, we instead found Judy Sofka and Annette Read — two great patriots in the St. Louis area!  Never did see Dave.

We chatted with them for a while, and we met Casey (I think) who is a teacher and great patriot fighting the battle against Obama’s Race To The Top (Race to the Trough) takeover of the public school system.  We soon realized that Judy and Annette were all by their lonesome and decided to join them for the parade.

We took turns carrying the sign that Jay Harris had helped create and passed out over 1000 fliers telling about Proposition C / Healthcare Freedom Act.  Having marched in parades as a saxophone player and cub scout troop member, this was the most fun I’ve had in a parade to date.  We calculated that our total walk for the morning was about 5 miles.

More information available at the Missourians For Healthcare Freedom web site.

We were asked not to hand out fliers, so I just hawked them loudly and handed them to folks who requested them.  I heard one woman sitting in her chair protest, “We don’t need that.”  We laughed sadly at her ignorance and prayed that the voters in Missouri would choose freedom.

Afternoon nap required!

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