Bus Trip to Washington, DC for Glenn Beck 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally

Hello, Patriots!

We are filling the bus for the trip to Washington, DC, for the Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor Rally” on August 28th!

The following schedule has been reserved for both the bus charter and the hotel accommodations:

Depart Springfield, MO

Wednesday, August 25th at 7:00pm

Arrive Washington, DC

Thursday, August 26th before 7:00pm

Sightseeing on Your Own

Friday, August 27th

Restoring Honor Rally

Saturday, August 28th

Depart Washington, DC

Saturday, August 28th, Late Afternoon/Evening

Arrive Springfield, MO

Sunday, August 29th, Late Afternoon/Evening


The price for the bus will be $170 per person

The price for the hotel room is $99/night + tax (approx $13.00)

For details on how to make your reservations go to the bottom of the following webpage:


We already lost one set of hotel rooms – sold out from under us – so you’ll want to make your bus reservation ASAP to get the link to the hotel we are in.

We have to pay for the bus by July 24 in order to  get it.

Join us!  This will be an awesome experience.

Fighting for the freedoms our founding fathers fought for,

Denise C. Hay

Springfield 912ers



2 responses to “Bus Trip to Washington, DC for Glenn Beck 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally”

  1. A senior citizen looking to join a group that will bus from any of the following communities: Temple, TX; Belton, TX; Killeen, TX; Waco, TX

    All any help appreciated. Thank you for the assist.

  2. Unemployed, Love God and country looking for a ride from Oregon and back for 8/28 rally.

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