Today’s Miracle

Today I get to be the closest I’ve been to the miracle of birth since the birth of my children in 1993 and 1994.  When my son was born in 1993, he came out without breath in his lungs into a room full of doctors, nurses, and specialists.  The Obstetrician cleaned out his little lungs and soon he began squeal.  He kept it up every night for a year until we finally told him to go back to sleep.  My daughter, in 1994, came out into my hands as the Doctor fully involved me in her birth.  It will be a tough task to find another event in life that will ever surpass the magic of that moment.

As the new baby has grown in the womb, her heart beat, she moved and kicked, her name was given… …oh and her sex was determined.  Her hair even grew and could be seen on the ultrasound.  Her name will be Karsyn Elizabeth and she will come out of the womb around 2:00pm on 7/8.

It never ceases to amaze me that someone could say all the things I just said about this wonderful gift, and still decide that it is not a human baby.  If she’s not a human baby, then what is she?  It amazes me that someone could decide that her life, which started at conception, could be terminated.  Can you show me any human life that didn’t start at conception?

Although the young child who will be the mother of this baby will have a tough time, she chose the harder path and will bring Karsyn into a loving family.  Thank God for that choice… …and for that same choice that was made for me!  My mother, too, was an extremely young unwed mother when she conceived.  With even less help, she brought me into this world and fought to give me the best life she could — with more love than a boy and man could hope for.

Thank You Mom.

One response to “Today’s Miracle”

  1. Amazing! I too am incredulous at anyone that can go through the miracle of pregnancy & childbirth and still think that it is anything other than a human child. Thanks for sharing.

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