Founding Bud

If you’ve seen Bud Light’s latest commercial and have any red-blooded American left in you, you were probably pretty annoyed with what you saw:  Bud Light Commerical

In St. Louis they fought to save Anhueser-Busch from the auction block, but stockholders, more worried about a few bucks than a GREAT American company sold out for a few more “Benjamins”.  InBev bought the company on the cheap US Dollar at the end of 2008 , and I’ve watched the downward spiral ever since.  Weeks before Christmas, InBev AB laid off 700 Information Services employees in the buildings near Laumeier Park in Sunset Hills, MO.  And that’s just the start.

More than 1400 firings, reductions in perks and benefits, dwindling philanthropy, changes at Grant’s Farm and uncertainty at Sea World, InBev is putting profits first!

Now, the fact that AB is no longer American-owned shines through in the commercial link above that was played routinely over the 2010 4th of July weekend and beyond:

“Where the blazes is Jefferson?!?!”

“T.J.?  He’s probably still writing [Air Quotes] that Declaration! [/Air Quotes]”

My blood immediately boiled.  How dare the Belgians trivialize my Declaration of Independence!! There is no document on the face of this Earth that had more effect on Liberty and Freedom.  And, now with the demise of the American-owned Anhueser-Busch, the country that hosts the failing EU makes light of our founding documents which, when adhered to, created the most powerful, caring, and free country on the planet.

Thanks to the Dutch for making fun of our [Air Quotes] Declaration [/Air Quotes].  Don’t Worry.  We’ll be sure to be there with our [Air Quotes] Military [/Air Quotes] to help you keep your [Air Quotes] Freedom [/Air Quotes] the next time you are overrun by tyranny.

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