Oil For Terrorists Program

Apparently the UN / Saddam Hussein Oil for Food scandal of the early 90’s was only an appetizer to the latest scandal.  It has been reported this week that BP had lobbied the British Government to speed up prisoner transfers (including the the Lockerbie Bomber) between Scotland and Libya

BP engaged in an Oil for Terrorists scandal.

Throughout the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I have gone rather easy on BP knowing that there were 3 or 4 safeties and backups that failed before the spill and explosion occurred.  Yes, I know they and the US Government were negligent, but the perfect storm of failures still occurred.  AND, for 2 months, the US Government stood in the way of cutting and capping method that is now working to stop the oil flowing into the Gulf.

But, easy on BP no more.

This company has put their profits before the punishment of a man that killed 189 Americans along with 81 others in the 1988 bombing.  They care more about expanding their influence that seeing justice done.  We were told he’d be dead in a few weeks anyway, but now the man’s prognosis if for years of quality life.  He gets a decent life, and 189 Americans get death.

BP, I’m done with you.  If I know your gas is at a station, I will pass it by.  If your BP is on the sign, “tally ho” as I drive on to the next station.

I had hoped you would survive this catastrophe; now I hope you go down.  And, somebody better go to jail!

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