Digging Astroturf

As we move forward with the 2010 fall elections and the Conservatives (Tea Party) are charged with everything from being Astroturf to Racist to Xenophobic, let us remind ourselves in one simple picture who we’re dealing with.  As the Health Care debate was raging, I was one of about 5 people who counter-protested MoveOn.org at Claire McCaskill’s office on 10/14/2009.  A group of about 75 ‘regular people’ were there to tell Claire that we (out of yours and my pocket) should give them health care, um, now.

After about a half-hour of megaphone chanting, the group paraded down a block, crossed the street, paraded a couple of blocks, crossed the street and returned to Claire’s office for a photo-op.  Some late arriving news media snapped up some pictures of the group much like the one below:

MoveOn.org Astroturf

You’ll notice the gentleman sitting in the wheelchair.  He arrived a little late for the parade around the streets, so he was pushing the wheelchair and running behind it to catch up with the protesters.  Sadly, the media neglected to use that fact to show the true nefariousness of the movement.

As the elections heat up, keep your camera and video ready.  The truth behind the Progressive cancer is there waiting for light to be shed!

And wow, I just noticed!!  This group of ‘regular people’ is as white as MSNBC’s lineup of anchors.  MUST be a bunch of racists!

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