A Tale of Two Tapes

Shirley Sherrod and the Miscellaneous Nazi were both in the news this week.

Shirley made racist comments to the welcoming NAACP members in a teachable moment on how it was not racism, it was rich vs. poor.  She was relating how a whopping 24 years ago (1986), she was racist in her doling of assistance to the local farmers.  Seven minutes of Shirley’s comments were posted on BigGovernment.com covering the full context of her story, and somewhere throughout the day, the racist portion of the video gained a life of its own.

Originally, she was fired, but Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has apologized and offered to return her to a job.  (Had she been ‘white’, the left would have got her fired and she never would have had a chance to redeem herself… …but I digress).

Now the left is screaming at, um, everybody for taking the video out of context.

The Miscellaneous Nazi appeared at the 4/14/2010 St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party and was taped by Adam Sharp.  A snippet of Adam’s tape was used by the left-wing-state-run-liberal-media to espouse the mantra that the Tea Party IS RACIST.  43 seconds of video included showing the Nazi twice and surrounding a poster mentioning Glenn Beck in a subliminal effort to associate him with racism.

We’re still waiting for the left-wing-state-run-liberal-media to scream at, um, everybody for taking THIS video out of context – tick tock tick tock.

Such events are wonderful for ‘thinking people’ who have a chance to see the hypocrisy of the left in this Tale of Two Tapes.  The silence on the outright double-standard is deafening.

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