RightOnline – Friday In Vegas

I’ll keep a running blog here of the activity on Friday 7/23/10 at RightOnline.com in Vegas.  Great Grassroots Activism Training:

  • Breakout 1
    • Technology of Camera / Lighting / Audio
      • 3 Point Lighting with one in the left rear to give subject an aura
      • Use pop screen on microphones and use ear phones when talking through computer
    • Post-Production.
      • Keep the exported files small; don’t want viewer getting a 3Gb file.
      • Windows Movie Maker and Final Cut
      • Final Cut is great but $800.00
      • Video / Audio Formats – MPEG4 / M4V typical for YouTupe
      • MP3 nicest audio format
      • Many conversion programs available
      • Getting it on the web
      • Podcast Maker $24.95 allows you to drag your podcast to the web!  Simple and easy!
      • Easy to create RSS feeds and allows you to pull existing RSS feeds into your programs and find errors
      • feedburner.com
    • Posting it to the Web:
      • Viddler / YouTube (Viddler allows > 10min)
      • tubemogul.com
      • Graphics / Sounds / Themes / Templates (Intro / Outro) / Format
    • Marketing 101
      • Know your audience – Where will they get your show?
      • ALWAYS put on YouTube and downsize if necessary
      • Build Commmunity somewhere that people can comment on it
      • Send it to Twitter / Facebook / Ping.fm / E-mail lists
    • More Information
  • Breakout 2 – Mobilizing Right: Coordinating Effectively
    • Use available resources:  Heritage.org
      • Don’t hesitate to contact them or be intimidated
      • They look forward to hearing from you to get their research out
      • Heritage = Content providers
      • Educating the grass roots
      • Highlights (Todd Thurman)
        • America now rated as ‘Mostly Free’ which is down from prior years
        • Morning Bell = The Message of the Date
        • Health Care
        • Insider Online = Highlights think tanks around the country
        • PolicyExperts.org = Experts on any number of issues
      • Cartoon explaining the economy available on site
    • Can’t overestimate how important it is to make the human connections
    • The left has OFA; but top down doesn’t work well for Conservatives (who think for themselves and aren’t part of the ‘star’ culture)
    • Mike Gonzales
      • With Heritage and has leaflets available
      • Call us
    • AlexaShrugged on Twitter and staffer at RNC: alexa@gop.com
    • Melissa Clouthier
    • This has been a bloody time since 2006 / 2008 and there are not enough grassroots Republicans elected yet, so a serious fight will continue
    • Continue to hound elected officials to get them to stick to their guns
  • Breakout 3 – Emerging Trends and Tools – What’s Next?
    • Julie Germany
    • Vincent Harris
      • Harris Media
      • vincentrharris@gmail.com
    • Discussion
      • Social Media’s problem is that it is a snake oil salesman that makes people feel as if the door to door activism is not necessary
      • What do we want from Social Media
        • Do better job of tying social media to the off-line world
        • Decentralize the role of the leader.  Allow me to delegate
        • Break through filters we build around ourselves on-line
        • Can be used on every website / social network / mobil device / etc.
      • Campaigns
        • Obsessed with numbers (Twitter Followers / Facebook Ads / Donation #s and $)
        • New Software Active:Ist is great idea.
          • Ability to reward FB followers when they complete an action.  Compete for the rewards.  Gets people involved in the campaign (See rickshottforflorida.com

          Virtual Yard Sale Signs using Boxes is going away. New Tabs functionality
          Endorsement Tab
          Ron Johnson in Wisconson money bomb using Piryx allows anyone in the campaign to manage and see where money is coming from and create news feeds
          E-Mail asks still brought in the most money / not one penny from a Facebook ask or ad
          Foursquare / Kickball / Kimbia

          • Online Town Halls
            • Facebook Town Hall / Google Moderator / Microsoft Town Hall
            • Square
              • Plug into phone and allows you to fundraise and Swipe credit cards with it
              • Applications/Tools Questions
                • How will this help me meet my advocacy goal
                • Will it drain resources
                • Is my a
                • Will it help build my orgs capacity
                • How do we promote this tool across all our online and offline platforms
                • Augmented Reality Applications
                  • LayR
                  • Twitteround
                  • How does the Conservative Movement create their own change.org
                  • Apps Building – Right wing programmers build apps as tools for the movement
                    • Sunlight foundation

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