Shine The Light

If needed a reason to lift the cap off your city, county, and local school board, this week the Bell, California city council gave it to you in spades!  Conservatives, for years, have been calling on like-minded activists to get involved in their local government activities to root out excessive spending, increased control, and to help wrest the grip of the Federal Government from your life.

Last week we find out that leaders of a poverty-stricken California town had somehow picked up $300,000 to $800,000 salaries for part time jobs.  Leaders are now resigning and citizens are screaming for recalls.

So, what’s going on in your town?

  • How much are your city / county leaders paid?
  • Do they have businesses in conflicting areas?
  • How about your school board. Do they get paid? What is their line of business?
  • How many are Republican/Democrat/Liberal/Conservative?
  • Where is your money spent?
  • How many government jobs could be outsourced locally? …for less money.

The questions go on and on, but you get the point?  If YOU don’t know this information, does anyone?  Or are your local officials flying under the radar and literally stealing your time (labors) from you in the form of tax dollars.

It’s time to Shine The Light on all levels of government to elicit true freedom from the tyranny of taxation and control.

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