Dick Stratman – Request Denied

In politics today, it gets bloody even when you’re on the same team.  Jack Jackson, Dick Stratman, and Brian Nieves are all running for the GOP nod in the 26th Missouri Senatorial District.  Until very recently, the campaigns have been positive.  At the 11th hour, things have changed.

I’ve heard several replays of a commercial on St. Louis’ KFTK 97.1.  The commercial, by the Dick Stratman campaign, among other things, complains that Brian Nieves voted to increase his salary while in the Missouri House of Representatives.  Brian Nieves has vehemently denied voting to increase his own salary.

So, being curious by nature, I posted an entry on Mr. Stratman’s Facebook page requesting links to the Bills / Votes where Brian voted for the increase.  I assumed that would be an easy task since it would be on the Missouri House Of Representatives Public Record, and the Stratman campaign had obviously done its homework before creating the commercial.  As an example, one of my favorite entries on the Missouri Senate Record is Scott Rupp’s resolution to rescind Missouri’s call for a U.S. Constitutional Convention SCR 38.

Here’s a screen-shot showing the request (you can see my post below Eric Rascher’s comment):

After lunch, I checked back to see if the Stratman campaign had posted the links.  Instead of an informative reply, I found that my request had been summarily deleted:

Originally, I had started by posting a request for this information directly to the campaign’s Facebook wall, but that disappeared immediately.  I can still see it in my my News Feed, but not on the campaign’s wall.  I’m sure they deleted my comment above to reply to my wall post, and soon you’ll be able to see that information about Mr. Nieves’ nefarious voting record on Stratman’s Facebook wall.

I looked around on the Stratman Campaign web site for a bit, and I didn’t find the commercial or links to the Missouri House Record showing the Nieves salary increase votes.  If it was my campaign, I think I would have had both on my site.

I can only assume that the Stratman Campaign’s accusations against Brian Nieves are true — I heard them on the radio.  Why would they put something on the radio that wasn’t true?  I thought about searching the Missouri House Record for proof, but I didn’t make the accusation, so it’s not really my job (or Brian Nieves’ job) to prove it.

I guess I’ll just wait patiently and check back to see if:

  1. My comment post reappears
  2. My wall post reappears
  3. The Stratman campaign answers my question

Hope I don’t turn blue holding my breath…

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