Chewing Tea Bags

The opposition to common sense (and the Tea Party) are jumping on the latest disagreement among several Conservative Groups (who happen to be Tea Party supporters).  The State Run Media will tell of a great divide in the Tea Party — that the leadership is splintered, flailing and dysfunctional.

The story here is that some of the St. Louis area and other Missouri Conservative groups have strongly endorsed, supported and campaigned for Chuck Purgason.  Chuck Purgason is a very good man and an stalwart Conservative in the Missouri’s legislature.  He righteously fought his own party and for Conservative principles when he filibustered the bailout of the Ford Claycomo Plant.  Purgason is running for U.S. Senator from Missouri against Roy Blunt.

Late last week Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Representative and staunch Cosnervative, endorsed Roy Blunt.  Blunt has 14 years in the House and has been tied to bad votes on the Bailouts, Cash For Clunkers, and Medicare Prescription Plan.  Blunt touts his own Conservative record and one cannot deny the fact that he successfully passed a Balanced Budget Amendment in the U.S. House of Representatives as the top Republican there.  Haven’t seen Pelosi tackling that bailiwick.

So, the rift is that the Purgason supporters wanted Bachmann’s endorsement, and they didn’t get it.

On July 31st, Bachmann was to be in St. Louis to campaign for Blunt.  She was to meet with several Tea Party leaders… …surprisingly including me.  The Purgason Camp called out for protesters to meet at the GOP headquarters and protest, nicely, Bachmann’s Blunt endorsement.  Purgason canceled other campaign events to be at the protest.  Several members of the groups have sent out angered e-mails, texts and Facebook posts decrying Bachmann and her endorsement.

I pray that the Purgason camp will see the error in their folly.  True Conservatives respect informed decision.  Period.  Whether they like the decision or not, Michele Bachmann has every right to endorse Roy Blunt and he IS a good man.  Let’s show Michele Bachmann the respect she deserves as one who would not just follow the establishment GOP candidate.  For cryin’-out-loud, she started the Tea Party Caucus which now has 40+ members in the House!

Tea Party members can chew each other up and give the Lame Stream Media fodder to make jest at their efforts, or they can be disappointed in Bachmann’s decision, say so, and move on.

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