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Sermon – 08/01/2010 – It Writes Our Mission Statement

Occasionally, I’m asked to lead the services and give the sermon at St. Mark Lutheran Church in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  Here is my sermon from 8/1/2010:

For me, the best part about being asked to give a sermon is that, during the study to prepare for the sermon, I learn SO much.  The first thing I always learn is that I don’t know very much!  I have never read the entire Bible, and I’ve never studied its contents at length, so this gives me a great opportunity to gain more knowledge about my faith.

One of the many things I learned this week that King Solomon, in his old age, likely wrote Ecclesiastes about his frustrations with life; he also wrote Proverbs from his wisdom in his middle years; and he wrote Song of Solomon about the love of his youth – from the woman’s point of view.  According to 1st Kings, Solomon wrote 1005 songs – the Song of Solomon might have just been one of them.  Solomon is also said to have had 700 wives and 300 concubines.  Times have certainly changed; who could afford that.

For Colossians, I learned that most people attribute the writing of the Book to Paul although there are suspicions and arguments that it wasn’t written during his lifetime.  Scholars say it uses a different literary style and words that are not found in any of the other of the undisputed books of Paul.

I learned that the writer of Luke may have been a traveling companion of Paul, and he is also credited with writing the book of Acts.

I learned many other things including a reminder of the fact that the Old Testament was written in Hebrew, and the Hebrew language of the time only had 22 consonants – no vowels.

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Shweich Take A Hike

Last week, after hearing one of his commercials, I asked a simple question on Dick Stratman’s Facebook page, “Would you be so kind to post links to the Bills / Votes where Brian Nieves voted to increase his salary? Thank you!”

I posted the question on his wall (twice — one of which disappeared), and I posted the question as a comment on someone else’s wall post — again it was deleted.  Still no reply

So, today, after seeing Tom Schweich’s commercial again claiming that Allen Icet had been “caught red-handed making major mis-statements on his campaign finance reports”, my internal truth-o-meter started squawking.  Time to ask some questions.

I went to Mr. Schweich’s Facebook page and similarly asked for links to proof of his commercial’s claim.  As of this writing, at least, my post hasn’t been deleted as with the Stratman page.

I don’t know Allen Icet, although I did meet him once, so I’m not a campaign shill pretending to be out to get the truth.  I’m just a curious Missouri voter.

So, I posted the same question on Allen Icet’s Facebook page.

I was surprised by the quick response from one of his volunteer supporters.  She basically said… …hey, look it up on the MEC web site.

Well, not my job, but I’m trying to make a decision here.  So, I looked it up and quickly found the Complaint that had been filed… …was deemed… …UNSUBSTANTIATED! Sadly, the letter on the MEC site doesn’t give full disclosure of who filed the complaint.  I have my suspicions (and have heard rumors).

So Mr. Schweich, the ball is in your court.  Do you have a super-secret MEC list where we can see that Allen Icet was “caught red-handed making major mis-statements on his campaign finance reports”?  Or, are you a friggin’ typical lying politician?

Unless I hear otherwise, your commercial has made up my mind.


Shame on me for not doing more digging.  The Schweich campaign did indeed file the MEC complaint.  I still don’t see a “caught red-handed making major mis-statements on his campaign finance reports”.  The $25,000 was reported as a donation and not a loan.  Guess it must have been really really bad because MEC took him to court… …wait… …no… …they marked it as UNSUBSTANTIATED!

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Iraq: The War Is Lost

Time for some $500/hr political consulting:

If I were Sharon Angle or her campaign manager, I’d spend 2,000 pounds of dollar bills on a commercial that re-re-re-repeats Harry Reid’s “The War is Lost” comment about the Iraq War.  Covering the rest of the screen would be a slideshow of headlines and pictures of how the Troop Surge was a success, how we are about to pull out, and (even though the President won’t say it) WIN.

The kicker (with the obligatory ultra-deep voiced announcer):

Harry Reid gave up on America’s greatness. Do you?

Cut to a picture of Sharon Angle talking with troops!

Vote Sharon Angle!

(Contact me at for where to send the check)

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