Illegal Immigrant Letter To The Editor – Redux

03 Aug

Below is a letter/blog post I wrote on 11/21/2008.  Today, on 08/03/2010 nothing has changed.  Illegal immigrants continue to ravage our country, and our Federal Government continues to turn its back on its citizens, free criminal illegal immigrants to murder and rape our citizens, and ignore the laws to pander to the Hispanic community for votes.  Change a few words and plurality in my letter below and you’ve got a similar letter that can be written today about a NUN that was killed by ANOTHER DRUNK DRIVING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT!

Here’s the story:  Illegal immigrant who killed nun in accident was released by feds

When will it stop?  Our elected officials are culpable in all these deaths!  Period!

Here’s the original letter…

An open letter to the President, the President-Elect, Congress, Christopher Bond, Claire McCaskill, and Jo Ann Emerson:

I have to ask you this question. Are your children or spouses going to have to die at the hands of an Illegal Immigrant before you get it? Will your son or daughter have to die before you act? Will your wife or husband perish before you move?
Think about it.

How will you feel looking at your son or daughter, wife or husband lying in a casket? How will you feel knowing that you could have prevented that death – an unnecessary death – by enforcing the laws you swore to enforce? How will you feel knowing that your son is dead because you were more worried about losing votes? How will you feel knowing your daughter is lying in that casket because you chose to worry more about your career than their safety?

Picture your daughter and son in that casket. Think about it. Stop reading. Close your eyes. Picture it.

You may not be looking in that casket now, but the family of Bessy Velasquez, 41, a beloved Brooklyn single mom of two daughters and her passenger, Panayiota “Yota” Demetriou, 30, are.

The story is [still] here.

Once again, an Illegal Immigrant has killed American Citizens. If that single Illegal Immigrant was not here, those two women would still be alive, and two daughters would still have their mother. Think about your daughters. If that Illegal Immigrant had killed you, your daughters would be looking at you in that casket wondering why their mother or father had to die.

These people are dead because you, our government leaders, are failing us. It is your responsibility to protect us from those that would cross our borders and do us harm. It is your job to uphold the laws. It is your sworn oath to keep this from happening!

Are your family members worth protecting? Apparently Bessy and Yota’s aren’t. Apparently mine aren’t. But, will you protect your own daughters? Will you protect your own sons?

Please. I beg you. Think about your families as they go from place to place. Think about your responsibility. Think about all of our safety. It does not matter whether the Illegal Immigrant is a Mexican or a Swedish Bikini Model. We don’t deserve to die at the hands of someone who should not be in our country.

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