A Single Solitary New Idea

ATLANTA — President Barack Obama says Republican leaders haven’t come up with “a single, solitary new idea” to help the American people recover from the economic recession.

Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser, Obama said Republicans are simply hoping the public will forget that their policies are the same ones that led the country into the recession. Obama says voters have a choice in the November midterm elections between what he calls the failed policies of the past, or his administration’s agenda, which Obama says has pulled the country back from the brink of a depression.

Well, Mr. Obama, it is my humble opinion that YOU are the one that doesn’t have a single, solitary new idea to help America.  To date, your ideas have been an unmitigated disaster.  And, unless you start listening to the People and the Conservative Republicans, YOUR ideas will destroy this country.

Let’s just have a little look at your batting average:

  • 2008 Financial Crisis
    • You agreed with and voted for the bailout which cannot be determined to have helped the nation.  American citizens are still on the hook for $200 Billion in unpaid loans to AIG and the big banks.  Big bankers got big bonuses while the American people got laid off.
    • Conservative Republicans idea was to let them fail.  All the investors lost their money anyway, so that companies don’t expect the American people to continue to bail out the bad actors, let them fail.
  • Recession
    • You chose the Keynesian method of spend, spend, spend to solve the recession and have saddled our children with another $862+ Billion in debt PLUS the massive spending deficits you and your Congress have enacted.  The recession has been prolonged and unemployment shot to 10.2%.  Your policies create uncertainty which causes businesses to hoard money instead of investing.
    • Conservative Republicans pushed massive spending cuts, tax cuts, government limitations, and regulation reform that would spur economic growth and give incentive for investment.
  • Automotive Sector Bailout
    • You gave $60Billion to the Automotive companies and lied about they payback.  Chrysler and GM went bankrupt anyway and you sold Chrysler to a foreign company and took over GM.  You illegally demoted the creditors/bondholders in favor of giving the companies to your Union buddies.
    • Let them go bankrupt and reorganize as stronger companies with less union control.
  • Health Care Crisis
    • You and your Cabal created a $2 Trillion UNCONSTITUTIONAL program that gives more control to the government, requires 16,500 new IRS agents to ‘enforce’ it, reduces the parts of Medicare that were working for seniors, and lied about whether or not it would be deficit neutral.  You made a recess appointment of a new Medicaid/Medicare Secretary that is in love with the failing British Healthcare System and believes in rationing.  Your program makes every American a criminal just for being alive.  After chiding the Insurance Industry for months, all their stock prices went up when you passed this legislation to punish them.
    • Conservative Republicans wanted to free the Health Insurance system from the employers and put the responsibility and portability with American Citizens.  Would allow the people to purchase Health Insurance from any state in the nation shopping for the best quality/price ratio.  Some Federal and State mandates would be removed (viagra, breast implants, etc) that would allow the price of insurance to fall.  Consumers pay directly for more services (blood tests / pab smears) increasing pressure to lower prices.
  • Energy Crisis
    • Cap and Trade scheme to tax Americans, drive up prices, slow economic growth, and reduce the amount of available energy.  Lower use and slower economy will reduce Carbon output of America while ignoring the vastly greater output of China AND the fact that one volcanic eruption in Iceland wiped out the last 30 years of energy and environmental savings.
    • Drill Baby Drill attitude to increase the supply of oil and reduce the cost of oil thus defunding our enemies abroad.  Additionally, fire up the nuclear plants and drill into the ocean of natural gas below our lands, and yes, continue to add solar and wind.  And, continue to work toward fusion and the split of the H2O molecule.  All-of-the-above attitude to give American’s more freedom to choose the lowest cost path.
  • General
    • Your scheme to increase the size of government, the nanny state, increased taxes, regulation and control stifles freedom and reduces innovation and desire to succeed
    • Conservative Republicans believe in reducing the size of government, simplifying regulations, reducing control, lowering taxes, and enabling freedom and innovation will move the country’s economy in the right direction

In this short list you are 0 for 6!

The bottom line, Mr. President, is that all your ideas are the same old failed tax, spend, and control ideas that caused this country to write up a little document called the Declaration of Independence.  And today, the Conservative movement has declared freedom from your Wilsonian, Alinsky, and Marxist ideas.  And, if you haven’t noticed that fact, take a quick look at your 41% approval rating which is just about to dive onto the 30-39% range.

You are a failure Mr. President and so is the Socialism / Marxism / Communist ideology you espouse.  You have not come up with ONE new idea that hasn’t already been tried and proven to fail.  All of your ideas are the tired Democrat principles of the past.

Give it up; we know better

We look forward to the re-emergence of American Freedom and Greatness!

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