Electioneering — Guess Who? …………………………….. Or, “Getting Normed”

05 Aug

A caller to The Dana Show on 97.1FM sent a chill up my spine, but it was not an unexpected event.  The gentleman related a story of his trip to the poll in St. Louis City (highly Democrat) where he approached the poll worker and found himself on the receiving end of Electioneering.

The gentleman asked for a Republican ticket.

The poll-worker’s reply, “Don’t you want a Democrat ballot?”

No, he wanted a Republican ballot.

As she waved the Democratic ballot in front of him, “Are you sure?”

No, he wanted a Republican ballot.


She never did hand him a Republican ballot, and he had to pick it up for himself.

That was the meme for election day in the city of St. Louis, and considering it and Kansas City were the only portions of the state that voted down Propocision C, you wonder how much electioneering was really going on.  I heard several more stories of Republicans being met with incredulity as they requested their ballots.

This is Electioneering and it is illegal. Period!

As I said on Facebook yesterday, it seems like we better send lots of poll-watchers to the largely Democratic districts in November. We need eyes and video on these people, or if there are any close races, were going to get “Normed” (Norm Coleman – MN).

Were you able to guess who (which party) was engaging in the electioneering?  I’m sure you were.

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