Seven Deadly Sins and Barack Obama

The Seven Deadly Sins are a Christian Construct listing actions by man that are believed to threaten man to eternal damnation.  A 4th Century monk, Ponticus,  is credited with the initial list (of 8 sins)  and Pope Gregory I is thought to have penned the final list of 7 sins.  So let’s have a look at each one of these capital sins in the current Progressive Liberal Democrat President — Barack Hussein Obama:

  • Lust
    • I won’t speak to lust in a sexual nature, but the original and current definitions for lust include the lust for power.  This commission of this sin is simply unquestionable in Mr. Obama.  With falsehood after lie after misdirection after untruth after deceit after disinformation after evasion after misrepresentation, Obama was able to goad a gullible American public into ignoring the truth and voting him into office.  Only a lust for power would allow such a man to behave as he did during the election process.
  • Gluttony
    • Since arriving at the Whitehouse, the Obamas have brought a “steady stream of the nation’s top culinary talents“.  While America eats Cake, the Obamas dine on the finest cuisine available.  Not only is gluttony displayed in their “Laute” (eating too expensively),  one can see the opulence of their travels to France and Spain along with hundreds of thousands of dollars spent to whisk them off to date-night in New York City
  • Greed
    • An easy example of the excessive desire to gain wealth, status and power is displayed when, in 1995, he took an advance to write a book on race, and instead, at age 34, wrote a memoir.  Who, at 34, writes a memoir?  Answer:  Someone with a high appreciation for the self and an inordinate desire to gain, um, wealth, status, and power.  His own friends saw him as a politcal opportunist that saw his jobs as stepping stones.  And, his percent of giving from 2000-2004 barely measured 1% of his annual income… …the remaining 99% being kept for him and his family.  As his personal financial activity came under the microscope, he shallowly increased his giving percentage.
  • Sloth
    • Obama’s spiritual and emotional apathy are apparent in his callous use of the Christian religion to advance his political career.  At the behest of his friend Ms. Preckwinkle, he joined the infamous Reverend Wright’s church to build his political network.  His inability to select and attend regular religious services since arriving at the Whitehouse confirms this sin.  Additionally, his laziness in studying the true history of Capitalism, small government, limited spending, and freedom in creating the great America in which we live, further confirms his carelessness.
  • Wrath
    • When you can’t control yourself and your commentary in various situations, you exhibit symptoms of wrath.  Obama injected himself into the minutia of the arrest of a Harvard professor saying the police “acted stupidly.”  Without all the facts, Obama made the knee-jerk RACIAL decision that the white police officer, obviously because of his racism, arrested the man on account of his race.  Interjecting himself into various other issues the are unworthy of Presidential comment continue to show his inability to control himself — most recently the New York Mosque and Arizona’s SB1070 Immigration Bill.  Additionally, when questioned toughly in interviews (such as with Fox News) by journalists that are not in the State Run sycophant media, Obama becomes testy and perturbed.
  • Envy
    • Obama’s entire career and presidency are based and built on envy.  Being raised and trained by Marxists, Communists and Socialists, Obama believes strongly in taking from those that have to give to others — instead of going out and working hard to earn for oneself.  His campaign whipped up and envy-frenzy to the point that one fanatic claimed that Obama was going to pay her mortgage.
  • Pride
    • In the face of the mountain of evidence to the contrary, Obama continues to ignore reality and enact his ideology of massive government control, Keynesian spending, strangulating regulations, and monumental tax increases.  The entire Democratic Progressive Party agenda is the antithesis of expanding economy, yet they cannot fathom why the economy continues to falter.  What colossal pride it must take to look at the reality of America’s current financial crisis, the Obama policy of trickle-up poverty, the failure of Stimulus/Vote-Buying-Schemes… …and CONTINUE to blame it on George Bush.

One could spend hours detailing Barack Hussein Obama’s continued commission of these Seven Deadly Sins.  These are but a few simple examples (don’t get me wrong; I’m a sinner too).  But, the country lest the entire globe is at stake with America under the control of this Lustful, Gluttonous, Greedy, Slothful, Wrathful, Envious, Prideful college-student-in-chief.

4 responses to “Seven Deadly Sins and Barack Obama”

  1. This is really excellent analysis. Sharing it everywhere.

  2. […] absolutely know that if I executed a campaign that licensed greed, envy, and covetousness to win a political office, it would be a Sin.  Clearly, the same is true of […]

  3. […] absolutely know that if I executed a campaign that licensed greed, envy, and covetousness to win a political office, it would be an effort 100% lacking in Christianity.  […]

  4. […] absolutely know that if I executed a campaign that licensed greed, envy, and covetousness to win a political office, it would be an effort 100% lacking in Christianity.  […]

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