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Nugent On Gun Control

If you haven’t seen this interview with Sweaty Teddy on the 2nd Amendment, he’s right on point.

I have the right to defend my life, liberty, and possessions by any means necessary.  Period.

I’ve written it before, the the 2nd Amendment gives us the right to bear arms.  The ‘arms’ of the time of the Constitution were hand guns, muskets, cannons, and swords.  And, since the Founders were not in a vacuum, they knew that those weapons had been developed over many years and newer, more powerful weapons would appear on the scene.

So, in the 1780’s we gave OURSELVES the right to bear arms to protect our life, liberty, and possessions (as well as that of others).

The Constitution didn’t give us that right; we already had it.  The Constitution confirmed that right!

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Betting On Obama’s Address

As with his Nobel Peace Prize, Obama is already making the news headlines, again for doing nothing, about his upcoming address from the Oval Office denoting the end of combat operations in Iraq.  The Reuters article mentions that such addresses in the Oval Office are typically reserved for major announcements including declarations of war.  Obama’s previous (and only) address from the Oval Office was regarding the national tragedy of the Gulf Oil Spill.

In that address, Obama used a national tragedy to advance his ideological and completely illogical Cap and Trade tax scheme to reduce Carbon Emissions.  So, what can we expect to be tied to this address from his ideological agenda?

  • Massive Defense Spending Cuts
    • Time and again the Democrats have slashed defense spending and then complained that our troops do not have the necessary equipment to fight for our freedom.  Republicans are required to beef up the military when back in office, and Democrats then decry the investment in our safety and security
  • Employee Free Choice Act
    • With the return of thousands of troops into the private sector, he’ll use this opportunity to advance his draconian Orwellian-named legislation to beef up his friends in the union leadership — rank and file be damned.
  • Cap and Trade
    • He used it for the Gulf Oil Spill tragedy; let’s drag that back up again.  Maybe his logic will include the ‘enormous’ reduction in fuel used by our troops and the accompanying drop in oil prices
  • Wealth Redistribution
    • We must take from the evil rich and give to these poor pathetic American hero warriors… ‘don’t you care about the American Armed Forces?’

Pick any uncompleted agenda item, and it’s a safe bet that it can be on the table during the address.  I’ve got some ‘change’ bet on Defense Spending Cuts.

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