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About Capitalism

Winston Churchill wrote, “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

Here are some real facts about Capitalism (those darned facts)

Just like you can’t repeal the law of supply and demand, you cant deny the vigor of the Free Market to create jobs and wealth. There is no coincidence that in 234+ short years, America’s Capitalism and Free Market systems allowed it to create the greatest wealth, economy, and opportunity on Earth.

Freedom, Free Enterprise, Free Market.

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Carnahan’s Town Hall Hit Squad Returns

Police are questioning a fired Carnahan campaign worker according to KSDK about the break-in and fire at a campaign office nine days ago.

It turns out it was a Carnahan Campaign ex-Staffer (Chris Powers) seen in the video below. seems to have scrubbed the original Jake Wagman 8/17 story from their site… …but the original picture is still there.  I wonder why?  A little more digging finds the article here. With all the mentions of the campaign, Ed Martin, and the ‘fracas’, we easily see the slant.

You can see ME in the video in an orange shirt.  Later, I had to step between Chris Powers and a fine lady name Arlene as he verbally attacked her and screamed in her face.  In the video, Powers calls fellow town hall attendees ‘morons’.  I think we have proof-positive who the real moron is!

I guess part of the infamous Carnahan’s town hall hit squad came back to bite him.

As I find more of them, I will add a list of psychotic liberals that attacked the continued peaceful Tea Party Members and Conservatives as the purveyors of this firebombing:

  • Chad Garrison – Riverfront Times – Blog 1
  • Chad Garrison – Riverfront Times – Blog 2
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