Saddam Is Back and Talking About 8/28

Just a quick reminder to all the folks in the middle-of-the-road… …our Commander In Chief who last night declared the end of Combat Operations in Iraq… …would have preferred that Saddam Hussein still be the dictator of that country.  Obama campaigned for the Presidency on the “I was against the war” mantra, and many on the left voted for him partially or wholly because of that declaration.

Had Obama gotten his way Saddam Hussein would still be the local tyrant, still be boiling Anthrax, still trying to acquire nuclear technology, still lying about his activities, and still running the rape rooms (maybe it’s not rape rape).

Libya would not have given up its clandestine biological weapons program.

The U.S. Armed Forces located and shipped 500 Tons of yellow cake Uranium back to the States (ignored by the state-run-media).  And again, most of the left-wing media ignored the hundreds of ricin tipped rockets as they declared ‘no weapons of mass destruction’ were found in Iraq.

Had Obama gotten his way there would have been no surge, and our troops would be under the deadly pre-surge conditions with about 100 deaths per month.

Obama could not have been more wrong about what to do in Iraq.  Thank God he’s following the Bush surge strategy in Afghanistan (even though he won’t admit it won the war in Iraq).

But, one area where Obama got it right… …he scheduled his speech 3 days after the amazing Glenn Beck 8/28 event.  As we watch the news cycle the morning after Obama’s speech… …nary a mention of Beck’s event.

Obama may not know anything about foreign policy and how to win the war, but he sure knows how to control the American media (including Fox).

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