Might As Well Burn It?!?!

The probability that Pastor Terry Jones does not go ahead with the 9/11/2010 burning of the Qur’an may turn out to be more detrimental to the citizens, soldiers, embassies and resources of the United States than if he goes ahead and burns it.

The initial concern is that so-called Moderate Muslims may be enraged by the burning of the Islamic holy book and go across the fence to join the hate of the Jihadists and terrorists.  There is concern that the Jihadists and terrorists will use the burning as propaganda to enlist a new cadre of burgeoning killers.  There is concern that a backlash against soldiers and citizens abroad may result in attacks, abductions, killings, and beheadings.

But, what if Pastor Jones cancels the provocative 9/11 rememberance?  What is the result?

An emboldened Jihadist and terrorist.

Compliments of www.boycottmuslims.com

(h/t http://boycottmuslims.com)

Islamic fanatics will surely use the event to espouse the weakness of the United States and enlist new members to the roles of hate.  Terrorist leaders certainly will see this, the other activities of our Government’s lame Overseas Contingency Operation, and the unwillingness of the Administration to call Terrorism by its name as yet another sign of the feeble nature of America — a sign to continue to barrage of  (so far failed) attacks that have escalated since the advent of President Obama.  And, the continued effort by American Muslims to foist the requirements of their religion upon the State and Federal Government of America will gain new life.

While a part of me agrees that it’s far past time to show the Muslim faith that what is good for the goose is good for the gander, it is probably ‘unwise’ to burn the Qur’an.  Not because we fear the backlash of the radicals, not because the peaceful Isalmists are burning flags worldwide, not because the gentle Religion of Peace is screaming ‘Death to America’, but because burning any religious holy tome is inappropriate.

But, at this point, canceling the burn may be moot.

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