I Almost Wish It Was 9/12

On this 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington, DC, I almost wish for it to again be 9/12/2001.  The differences in the country between then and now are vast.

On 9/12/2001, the country was united in the ideal that we had to work hard together, fight our enemies and rebuild the damage that was done by the Islamic Terrorists.  People were donating blood and treasure to help those that had been hurt and to aid those who had lost family, friends, loved ones.  The Congress, Republicans and Democrats, was singing “God Bless America” and America was going to FIGHT terrorism wherever it bared its evil head.

Fast forward 9 years and America, in many ways, looks pathetic:

  • The triumphant Ground Zero Mosque will be completed before the memorial to those lost on 9/11 — the Freedom Tower.
  • Liberals spent years trying to turn the memorial of the tragedy into an apology from America to all.
  • A liberal Overseas Contingency Operation has replaced our War On Terror.
  • Instead of fighting to helping neighbors, Americans are fighting to get everything they can from the Government.
  • Instead of giving blood, people are once again taking blood by killing their neighbors.
  • The never-ending war of Afghanistan’s nation building IS a quagmire with no victory in sight.
  • Terrorists continue to pour over America’s unregulated borders.

Our Founders would be ashamed.

On 9/12/2001, I thought we were on the cusp of a brave new horizon.  Sadly, it seems American has taken one step forward and two steps back.

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