9/12 Word-Of-The-Day: Paultards

The St. Louis Tea Party, in conjunction with Tea Party Patriots, outdid themselves in the planning and execution of the Gateway to November St. Louis Tea Party yesterday.  The stage was impressive, the organization was outstanding, and the speakers (mostly) stayed on point.

Then came the Paultards.

Definition of Paultard: Blindly obsessive Ron Paul sycophants hellbent on presidential coronation.

(Thank you to Andrew Ian Dodge passing along the word-of-the-day)

The insanity started early.  During the National Anthem, beautifully sung by Laura Alter, while 13000+ people were standing with hat in hand and hand on heart, one of the Paultards carried a 3′ X 5′ Ron Paul for President sign down the middle of Lenor K Sullivan boulevard just a few feet from the stage.  An outraged Tea Partier, in no uncertain terms, let this Paultard know how contemptible his actions were.  I personally tried to stop our fellow patriots from berating this pathetic excuse for a human because the Paultard’s behaviour wouldn’t be the news, but the Tea Partier’s would.

Here he is:

(H/T Darin at Reboot Congress)

Minutes later a young woman carried a sign through the crowd that read “TEA – O – CONS”.  The Left loves to berate the Tea Party patriots and Conservatives as Neo-Cons, so this Paultard decided to use the play-on-words for her sign.  She couldn’t understand and cried because the “Fake-Tea-Partier-Squad” was hot on her tail.  Later, she came through the crowd with a Ron Paul for President sign.

Another Paultard carried a Gadsden Flag and a sign that said, “O = W” …which meant that Obama and Bush are the same thing.  He too couldn’t understand why the “Fake-Tea-Partier-Squad” was on his 6.

Other Paultards had written what appeared to be some sort of Manifesto on their white T-Shirts.  I did not stop to read an entire shirt, but noticed the belittling “Neo-Con” donned proudly.  And finally, at the end of the day, while Sammy Kershaw was singing about the greatness of America, one of the Paultards lifted his “Ron Paul For President” sign right up in front of stage.

One note Mr. and Mrs. Paultard… …Ron Paul is not running for President in 2010!!  Don’t know if you knew that.

What is it with this blind cultish fervor for Mr. Paul?  Other than his foreign policy, which will forever doom his presidential aspirations, Congressman Paul seems to be a very intelligent and reasonable man.  Why are those that support his ascendancy to the Presidency so condescending and out of control?

But the bottom line Mr. and Mrs. Paultard is that you DID NOT do Ron Paul any favors at the St. Louis “Gateway To November” Tea Party.  As a matter of fact, you disenchanted, no, let’s say angered, no, let’s say PISSED OFF 13000+ of the people that would possibly consider voting for Ron Paul.  The only people that may have enjoyed your display is Adam Shriver and his left wing Fake-Tea-Partiers that also showed up that the event.

Keep it up Paultards; Ron Paul, with your help, will continue to be in the dust bin of Presidential election history.

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