Were You Here? “Si! Senor!”

Reid’s cynical attachment of the DREAM act to the National Defense Authorization legislation, if passed, will provide blanket amnesty for millions, if not all, illegal immigrants to gain a pathway to citizenship.  Essentially, the bill will allow them to bypass those who have followed the rules and requirements of our immigration law.

The DREAM Act is intended to “creates a pathway to citizenship” for young illegal aliens who’ve been in the country for five years and crossed the border before the age of 16.

So, Harry Reid and the Amnesty Cabal expect us to believe that any illegal immigrants will answer that question truthfully?!?!

Have you been here for more than 5 years?

“Si! Senor!”

Did you cross the border before you were 16 years old?

“Si! Senor”

The DREAM Act is FULL ON AMNESTY for all 12-16-20-30 Million illegal immigrants (depending on whose number you believe).

If it’s such a wonderful thing Harry, then why won’t you test it on its own merits?  Because you know that it is blanket amnesty, you know the massive backlash from the voters, you know that it could not pass in your own state.

But, what do you care about your state; you’re gone anyway!

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