What Was That Mr. Dooley?

14 Oct

The Post-Dispatch reported on the Charlie Dooley / Bill Corrigan debate — candidates St. Louis County Executive.  Dooley affirmed during the debate that he did not support such a merger and an earlier Post-Dispatch article was a “misstatement”.

Then, the writer, Paul Hampel, actually goes on to relate more details of a previous article where Dooley had “favored such a merger” and discussed a flap over the wording on whether or not it was a “priority”.


Many of us who have come to view the Post-Dispatch as a… …well… … Democrat shill, left-wing rag, progressive tripe… …are happy to note the full disclosure of the article.  Thank you Mr. Hampel; I’m glad you were able to sneak this one past your editors!

Keep it up Post-Dispatch and you’ll shed that nasty image of bias and your Post-Disgrace pseudonym.

Now, Mr. Dooley, you should know by now that the American electorate is back on-line and paying attention.  To run for an office, you need to have your positions on issues defined… …and when you make a stance, you better stick to it.  That’s not just true for Incumbent Democrat St. Louis County Executive Candidates!  Everyone’s watching the Republicans even more closely; we don’t trust them either!

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