Prop B: E-Mail To KFTK’s Jeff Allen

25 Oct

UPDATE:  See Mr. Allen’s very quick and cordial reply below!


I sent the e-mail below to Jeff Allen at KFTK 97.1FM in St. Louis after hearing an ad in support of Proposition B.  Feel free to copy and use!

Mr. Allen,

I was so disappointed to hear the Pro-Prop B commercial this morning, but I understand that you are required to play commercials from both sides (wish the folks against Prop B had the money to afford such a commercial).

I don’t know where you come down on the issue, but if you, like many of your commentators, see the truly nefarious aspects of this bill, I believe you have grounds to stop running the commercial.

Calculated by our friend Editor at, Prop B will likely require the extermination of 86,000+ perfectly healthy and happy dogs.  More if the number of licensed breeders substantially drops (as it will).

Surely the station can forgo the requirement for balanced commercial time in a case where the advertiser will cause thousands of animals to be unnecessarily murdered.

Please consider the information at the link below, and I ask you to exercise any options you have to terminate the airing of this ad.

Brian Bollmann


I get it Brian but as long as they are paying for the commercials (and they are) we have to accept their buys as long as the information is factual.  While that is a very gray area it has been established that they need to be just out and out lies for us to not accept the advertising. Almost impossible to prove in election terms.

thanks for listening, I appreciate it.

Jeff Allen
Program Director
KFTK/ St. Louis , MO

FM NewsTalk 97.1 | RED 97.1 HD2 | My 80’s Channel 94.7 HD3


Sadly, some will say that I’m trying to shut-down debate, but the fact is, if some nefarious organization created a bill that was going to require the murder of 86,000+ first-born children — but hid it behind a name of “Happy Fluffy Bunny Act” — I’m sure the government would stop the airing of such ads.

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    October 27, 2010 at 12:44 am


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