Missouri Proposition B – Liberal Vandalism

As you know, the Rockin’ Conservative is against the legislation called the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, for various reasons, but mostly because it will do nothing to stop Puppy Mills and WILL put licensed law-abiding caring breeders out of business.  No, psycho liberal, I don’t hate dogs.

You also know that the Rockin’ Conservative has not been ashamed about letting everyone know that he is against the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act:


Well, on Wednesday 10/27/10, I positioned the truck in a very visible spot near the Anhueser-Busch Brewery in St. Louis, MO.  One of my Facebook friends even reported seeing the truck and the sign as he drove past — which also let me know it hadn’t been towed!

So, when I arrived to pick up my truck late in the evening on Wednesday 10/27/10, I found it had been, yes, vandalized.


A vile disgusting scum bag liberal decided to vandalize my expression of free speech by putting duct tape over the word ‘LIE’ on the sign.  It’s typical of you slime that are on the left to shut down debate, call names, make ad hominem attacks, steal yard signs, and attack Senate candidates, so I’m not the least bit surprised that you decided to deface my property.

So, I will use the words of one of your favorite MS-NBC liberal icons to respond to your attack on my belongings:  “Go To Hell” … “Bitch”

9 responses to “Missouri Proposition B – Liberal Vandalism”

  1. I am not surprised, and sorry they always have to come down to trying to anything to stop good people from doing what they think is right, they always have to be theifs and destroy other peoples personal property, I have not heard of one insident of our people the ones that are Voting No On Proposition B, to have stole any signs or any vandalism of any kind, kind of tells you the difference of character we are dealing with!!!!!!!!!

  2. it could have been a kid….geezze “go to hell”, I do believe as adults we should act as such. many of “your kind” my dear bonnie have the same characteristics. lets see who does what to my “vote yes on prop B” sign???? your a different character alright…….

  3. Prop B isn’t a liberal issue – just like it isn’t a conservative issue. It’s a bipartisan issue! If you’re against it because you don’t like it that is obviously your right, but to be against it because you think it is driven by one party or another is cowardly.
    Prop B only covers dogs bred to produce puppies sold commercially as pets—no other species of animal—and includes a specific exemption for hunting dogs. It could not be more clear that this measure has no impact on sportsmen or agriculture. Fifteen states recently passed strong laws cracking down on abusive puppy mills, including major agricultural states, giving dogs basic humane standards of care such as food, water, veterinary care, exercise and shelter. Missouri is the largest puppy mill state, but is lagging behind on dog protection—that’s why Prop B is needed. It’s absurd to think that these new policies have any effect on policies related to livestock. In fact, our opponents made the same arguments in 1998 during the debate over the ballot initiative to ban cockfighting in Missouri, and 12 years later, there has been no attempt to impact livestock agriculture or sport hunting in the state through the Legislature or through the initiative process.

    I would encourage you and others to read the full language of the bill, you can do that and also get answers to common questions asked at http://www.yesonpropb.com

  4. Hey Rockin Conservative.I must thank you for your awesome sign. You rock. Also do not worry about Sarah she works for the HSUS. She is pretty quick on the drawl on any article on the internet that she can place a comment on, She is one of thier spin doctors. I am sure she is paid very well. Thank you very much. I will be voting myself to take the left ones out and the right ones in 🙂

  5. This is just another commie attempt to impose their plan for world domination. Puppy mill legislation is just a start. Soon we will have to provide double-wide trailers for our cattle or we will be thrown in jail by Obama’s secret army because he is not really a U.S. citizen. Area 51 is a secret place democrats are meeting with space aliens who have given those spendocrats their marching orders about puppy mills. Clean air,cap & trade,decent health care etc. are all plots by Bill Clinton and the other evil doers who are also tied in with this puppy mill farce as well as trying to take our guns away. Wake up America! I am not a right wing conspircy theory wack job. Wait and see!

  6. “it’s typical of you slime that are on the left” Really? with that attitude id be suprised if someone didnt decide to slash your tires now instead of just defacing your sign. ps. stop it with the name calling and grow up. im 17 and i think your acting immaturely, thats a problem.

  7. Sam, you are correct. The left is so unhinged that they would escalate such vandalism to the slashing of tires. Think about how outraged and psychotic this slime had to be to:

    1. See my sign
    2. Stop their car/vehicle
    3. Locate some duct tape
    4. Climb onto my property
    5. Deface my property
    6. Climb down from my property
    7. Run cowardly back to their car/vehicle

    And, I just found out that the disgusting left-wing slime that vandalized my freedom of speech also stole something from my vehicle which will now cost me hundreds of dollars.

    Who is acting immaturely? Me for calling them out for what disgusting left-wing slime they are? Or, them for cowardly defacing my property when unable to win a simple debate on the merits of their argument?

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