Who Led The Republicans To Power?

01 Nov

Emily Miller writes today in her article “It Begins: House GOP Battle Over Leadership” that “Minority Leader John Boehner (R–Ohio) led the Republicans back into power and will be unchallenged in his bid for Speaker of the House.”

I generally like what I hear from Emily and, but I have to disagree with her on this one.  2009 was an awakening of a Conservative/Libertarian movement labeled the Tea Party.  Tea Partiers are educated and informed.  They know the Republicans seriously failed the country and greatly expanded the National Debt and are culpable in the downfall of the Economy.  Most Tea Partiers are every bit as disappointed and angry with the Republicans as they are with the Democrats.

Tea Partiers had two choices:

  • Start a 3rd party
  • Give the RNC another chance

Tea Partiers chose option #2.  Had they chose to go out on there own, there would be no more Republican Party — Tea Partiers may not have won many elections; Democrats may have won many many more seats, but the RNC would have been destroyed.

So, the statement that “Minority Leader John Boehner (R–Ohio) led the Republicans back into power” doesn’t really describe the events that transpired.  The truth is “The Tea Party opted to let the Republican Party continue to exist”.

And, the Republicans better remember that they don’t have “Power”, they have a chance to “Lead”.  If they decide, like James Carville, that they have power, they’ll get whacked like a mole at a Chuck-E-Cheese.  This is your last chance.

Heard of the Whigs?

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One response to “Who Led The Republicans To Power?

  1. Victor Seabaugh

    November 3, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    Well said.

    While I expected the left to be negative about the tea party, I was particularly irritated with Carl Rove’s attitude about it. I normally agree with a lot of he has to say, but the way he tried to sandbag Christine ODonnell was just not cool. At the point he shot off his mouth, she had already won the nomination. That’s the point when you rally the troups, not whine about it lke a sore looser. The sad part about his analysis, is that he was right. The tea party needs to concentrate on finding more professional candidates to carry the torch so that the media can’t paint them as kooks. Some of the newschannels tonight are digging up as many out-of-context, kooky sounding sound bytes as they can from tea party winners.

    The tea party deserves a hearty congradulations here though. I think there might have been a little bit of backlash this year without the tea party, but credit for the landslide clearly belongs to people like you who got involved and stirred it up.


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