Mitch McConnell Wants Your Grandchildren’s Freedom!


Update:  Obviously, Mr. McConnell read my post (wink) for at this point, he has changed his position on earmarks.  However, it seems Mr-I-Support-The-Tea-Party-Blunt has not yet signed on to the program.  Like I said, the Republican entrenched politicians do not get it.


I took a week away from the blogosphere to enjoy the victory of the Tea Party and Conservatives in returning a majority of Republicans to the House, increasing the number of Republicans in the Senate,

The choice was made by Tea Party leaders all over the U.S. in 2009 to forgo the advent of a 3rd Party of truly fiscally responsible Conservatives and Libertarians, and the Republican Party is currently the recipient of the benefits of that decision.  The House flipped, and the Republicans gained 7 seats in the Senate.

And, then they proved they don’t get it…

But for the decision by the Tea Partiers to give the Republicans another chance, the Republican Party would have gone the way of the Whigs.  To support the Tea Partiers, at a very minimum, the Republican Party MUST stop the use of Earmarks until the Federal Debt is reduced.  Period.


There’s no wiggle room.  The three Republican Senators that continued to use Earmarks have no choice.  I’d rather see a larger Democratic majority than this milquetoast Republican ‘yeah we want to control spending’.  Well, if you’re not willing to start with Earmarks, then ‘get off the stage’.

We’re done; and the Tea Party will come after you!

We KNOW that the Earmarks are but 1% of the Federal Budget.  But if you’re not willing to start there, then you aren’t willing to make the tough decision that need to be made in other parts of the budget.

No bill should go through the House with one single Earmark while the Republicans have the leadership.

If you’re not willing to stop taking money (freedom, labor, time) from our children and grandchildren, step down so we can elect someone who is!  Mitch McConnell, stop taking my grandchildren’s freedom!

On Facebook?!?  Like this page to tell your Congressman that Earmarks are DONE until the Debt is Reduced!

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