Teaching Your Child Pedophilia Is Okay

Imagine, in January 2010, you made plans to take your family over the oceans and through the mountains to visit your parents on Thanksgiving Day.  You arrive at the airport to take your trip and decide to opt out of being irradiated.  Thus, you, your wife, and your three-year-old child are greeted with a pat-down that includes aggressive fondling of genitalia.

For three years, you have been teaching your child that NO ONE is allowed to touch their private parts.  NO ONE.  Only under medical circumstances are your parents even allowed to touch their genitalia!  And, the pediatrician, in the presence of the parents, are allowed to examine the child… …rarely in the sexually related areas.  No matter what anyone says (“I’m a police officer” / “I’m a priest”), no one is allowed to touch you.

In comes the TSA.  You are now expected to teach your three-year-old child that certain people ARE allowed to touch their private parts.  These people with blue gloves, uniforms, and badges can touch (through their clothes) the penis, vagina, anus, and breasts.

People can steal their way into our country unmolested, but if you want to visit your Grandmother or Grandfather in a state far away, you have to endure this sexual abuse on behalf of your government.

State pedophilia and sexual battery laws must be used to stop these egregious attacks on our bodies and the 4th Amendment.  Who will be the first State Attorney General to file for an injunction?!?

Remember kids, “People with the blue gloves can touch your private parts. ”

“What did you say daddy?  People can touch my private parts?  Okay.”

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