Why The Democrats Hate The Rich

Historically, the Republicans have been viewed as rich Phat Kats with $1200.00 suits, canes and monocles.  And the hippie Democrats of the 60’s were taught to hate them and their power.  Flower power baby!

But, some how, some way, the DNC has had plenty of money to win elections and hold Congress and the Presidency for many years over the last few decades.  That money must have come from somewhere, and it didn’t come out of the pot-smoke-filled rooms where the hippies make love – not war.  Somebody RICH must be giving to the Democrats.

Why do Democrats hate rich people?  Well, let’s take a look at the folks writing the big checks to the Democrat Party and their candidates:

  • Unions:  There haven’t been any problems w/ unions over the past 50 years.  Andy Stern and Richard Trumka are the Jimmy Hoffa of today.  Historical corruption of the unions is well known and rampant today!
  • Hollywood: With the psyches devoid of responsibility and decency, many of the Hollywood elite (think Lindsay Lohan and Kanye West) are an embarrassment to the country, their families, and their craft.
  • Real Estate:  Plenty of shady Real Estate dealings over the past 40 years culminating in the corrupt usage of Eminent Domain to run citizens out of their homes to build the latest strip mall.
  • Wall Street: The myth that Wall Street Phat Kats are in bed with the Republicans continues to be touted by the DNC.  61% and 64% of Wall Street donations went to Democrats in 2004 and 2008.  Who’s in bed w/ Wall Street?
  • George Soros:  The man that brought down the British Pound has giving millions of his billions to the Democrats to advance his and their liberal / progressive agenda
  • And with $168,000,000+ given to Democrats in 2004 and 2008, the Lawyers/Law Firms top the list of donors to the DNC

These are the groups, the people, the lobbyists with whom the Democrats interact.  These are the ‘evil rich people’ who avail themselves to the Democrat circles.

Democrats lawmakers must sit back and see these rich people — their corruption, their elitism, their vacuous nature — and assume all rich people are just as bad.

If these rich people are that corrupt, so must all the rest!


No wonder the Democrats hate the rich!

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