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State Of The Union – 4th Amendment Is a Joke

The President has never thought very much of our Constitution.  In his well-known radio interview, he opined openly that the fatal flaw of the Constitution was that it did not redistribute American’s wealth in a manner that suited him.

His supporters on the left have ravenously attacked free-speech rights with the reintroduction of the Fairness Doctrine in an effort to control what is said on talk radio.  The FCC will likely complete the task through regulation as the Administration continues its

And, in November 2010, the Administration attacked our 4th Amendment rights to freedom from unreasonable search and seizure with the unconstitutional TSA Porno Scan and Grope-Down.  I wrote about it here and experienced it here.

You would think the usurpation of the U.S. Citizens’ civil rights would be a matter of concern for President Obama.  In fact it is not.  It is a matter of comedy.  This past Tuesday, President Obama had the audacity to joke during the State Of The Union Address about the TSA’s Unconstitutional Searches:

What a National Shame this man continues to be.  Add to your outrage the visual of Vice President Biden smiling and clapping, Nancy Pelosi smiling and clapping, and many many members of the House, Senate, and Supreme Court clapping along as President Obama jokes about the TSA Groping Grannies and Sexually Scanning Sixteen-Year-Olds in a manner that would get a State Policeman arrested for Pedophilia.

If you want to test your logic to see whether or not this is an outrage, know this.  The A.C.L.U. was actually aghast at Obama’s jokes.  When the ACLU is on the side of logic and the people in general, there must be something wrong.


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State Of The Union – Subsidizing Oil

During President Obama’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday, he included this throw-away populist line, “We need to get behind this innovation.  And to help pay for it, I’m asking Congress to eliminate the billions in taxpayer dollars we currently give to oil companies.  (Applause.)  I don’t know if — I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but they’re doing just fine on their own.  (Laughter.)  So instead of subsidizing yesterday’s energy, let’s invest in tomorrow’s.

And with that, Obama promises to continue his policy of ending U.S. Oil Production and going full tilt into Windmills, Solar Panels, Bio-Fuels, and other stuff that won’t work for now.  Then, he hopped on Air Force One (fueled by fossil fuels) and flew to the heartland to sell his policies at the latest recipient of government largesse.

Shortly after the speech, I opened up a Twitter Feed of the hast-tag  #SotU, so I could capture an idea of what the folks were saying about the speech.  One particular tweet caught my eye and is the subject of this post.  Others showed the hateful rhetoric that has been demonized over the last week (mostly from the left) and the line of the week “starting this year, no American will be forbidden from serving the country they love because of who they love.”

Apparently folks on the left are required to re-tweet ad infinitum anything from Jon Stewart as well.

But, the Re-Tweeting of the “So instead of subsidizing yesterday’s energy, let’s invest in tomorrow’s” stuck in my craw.  Obama had two years of filibuster-proof majority to do anything he wanted to do with Congress.  Most Democrats are in favor of ending said Oil Subsidies.  So, I had to ask:

“Why didn’t BHO/Dems stop Oil subsidies over last 2 years?!?! Filibuster-proof majority; Repubs couldn’t stop them.”

And ask them I did.  Every time I saw the BHO line quoted, I asked the question back.  And here are the brilliant replies that I received:

From @zbhoy:

  • Who knows? I think both Democrats and Republicans make terrible choices. But who else do we have?
  • I am always optimistic. I want the future to be here now.

From @SharonRose13:

  • I am sure that requires a vote, just like all other good things that need to be done but lobbyists money & greedy agendas stop.

From @emjsays:

  • government is always reactive, not proactive.

Huh, what’s that got to do with BHO / Dems keeping the oil subsidies over the past two years

From @malikjp:

  • unfortunately dems and repubs are bought and sold by the #oil lobby, and every other lobby for that matter

From @JeremiahFelt:

  • What?

Brilliant reply there Jeremiah.  Maybe you ought to know what you’re tweeting about.

From @josefaller:

  • exactly. They had time to make changes, but only wanted to push an agenda.

From @tastethelink:

  • probably because they were focused on the economy and healthcare. Why didn’t bush stop them in the previous 8 years?

Ahh, the first to blame bush.  Nice work there.  I had to jump in and discuss with Mr. @tastethelink.  Turns out he has Post-Traumatic-Bush-Derangement-Syndrome.  The remainder of our discussion follows:

  • @tastethelink:  you’ve got to be kidding: you’re going to blame obama for something bush had 8 years to do.
  • Me:  I see you have Bush derangement syndrome. Bush never called for end. BHO did and could have but is playing you for a fool.
  • @tastethelink:  ahhhh, so bush is excused because he was ok with it. Now I see your level of intelligence.
  • Me:  And Barack is excused because you hate Bush. Brilliant.
  • @tastethelink:  he’s excused because he’s still got plenty of time. Bush had eight years and raped america.
  • Me:  Guess Obama’s Big Oil donors and the $400,000+ he took in 2008 had nothing to do w/ him continuing to subsidize oil for 2yrs
  • @tastethelink:  proof or it didn’t happen.
  • @tastethelink:  and yet again you’re excusing bush.
  • Me: Guess you’re excusing Carter and Clinton and Kennedy & BHO. Jeez dude. BHO called for it but didn’t do it. Get w/the present.
  • Me: Look for the part under “In Big Oil’s Pocket” (link)
  • @tastethelink:  ahhhh. You’re from missouri. That’s why.

Wow, I hope the gentleman gets some serious help soon.  Mr. @tastethelinke, OBAMA IS PRESIDENT NOW AND HAD TWO YEARS TO END OIL SUBSIDIES IF HE WANTED TOO.  I’m sure it has nothing to do w/ the $400,000+ Obama took from Big Oil during the 2008 campaign.

And, onward…

From @alexbthegirl:

  • Good point!

From @lejla_h:

  • Republicans tend to have way too many earmarks and riders.

I have absolutely no idea what that means

From @MsVeronicaJay:

  • Do you really believe the Republicans have a monopoly on that?
  • Consider this: US warships protect oil tankers – do you think that’s free?

If you know what that means, please let me know.

From @nickmccart:

  • I didn’t say they shouldn’t …. It wasn’t filibuster proof btw

Umm, Nick, ask someone, read, it WAS filibuster-proof!

From @apexnerd:

  • Good question. I don’t know.

From @ClintCGoodrich:

  • Excellent point Brian!

From @jeffwiedner:

  • it certainly would have been a helluva lot easier. IMO, lack of political will & scattered focus

From @JScullyClemmons:

B/c they lacked the courage of their convictions, as most politicians do.

From @Sar87K:

  • the issue is complicated.Oil provides a lot of money and while there, will be a priority for all governments

Again.  Huh?!?

So, as I continue my discussion with @tastethelink, I’m somewhat reassured that not all that tweeted Obama’s populist line are fomenting leftists.  Many replied with interesting and correct responses.  Some replied with, um, words.  Words that meant absolutely nothing to me.

The other 99% didn’t want to play.


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Balanced Budgets And Entitlements

Considering that we can find a Million men and women to face the enemy on the battlefield all over the earth…  Considering we can find men and women to face down criminals in cities all over our country…  Considering we can find men and women brave enough to run into a burning building to save dying people and put out the fire to save their possession…

…it is a national shame that none of the 537 Federally elected Representatives (Pres, VP, Senate, House) have the courage to face down the massive entitlement crisis that looms like a leviathan over America’s economy and national security.

I have a solution for them:  The Balanced Budget Amendment.

Given the passage of a balanced budget amendment, the Representatives will have no choice but to face up to reducing the amount of money that goes to entitlements of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security; reforming the way the money is used; and removing the fraud inherent in the system.

Orrin Hatch, keep fighting for the Balanced Budget Amendment!  It is one of our best hopes for reining in the entitlement annihilation.

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State Of The Union – Tweetatble

When I wasn’t yelling at the TV, I was tweeting away during the speech.  Here are some of my textual character limited rants:

  • Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit
  • Don’t you DARE chastise me for my rhetoric!
  • Work Together Tomorrow = Republicans in back of the bus
  • Bush blame at 9:16.
  • Tax cuts we passed = Tax Cuts BHO fought against
  • 1,000,000 private sector jobs in 2010. Need 250,000 per month dipsquat
  • Mr. President, the people who need those jobs are still here and don’t want to go to college.
  • China investing in research = Stealing U.S. Secrets
  • Agree, but the Federal Govt can’t out-innovate etc. Too much corruption and crony capitalism
  • Regulation Reform = 2 Trillion Tax $$ Increase to have govt spend on Health Control
  • 30 years ago couldn’t predict Internet… …but certainly can take it over 30 years later.
  • Without government, no GPS, Internet, Innovations?!?!?!
  • Invest in Clean Energy tech?!?!? Nooo. Really?
  • Can’t wait to hear the real details of the ‘solar shingles’ company
  • Can’t disagree w/ stopping subsidies to oil (or any other) company.
    • Given that the subsidies are likely used for the very expensive task of finding and opening the drilling for the oil, I might reconsider this statement
  • Sorry, no hope for you. Uneducated lefties like you callously used Giffords to attack the right. Very pathetic.
  • Umm, we respect the teachers; just not the union leaders. #OutOfTouch
  • By taking away DC students’ school choice. Good job Dems and BHO.
  • Become a teacher, Obama needs your union dues.
  • No offense, but what a bunch of crap. “…and unicorn farts will smell like roses”
  • Amnesty
  • Charge them double if they come from other countries to use our Universities. Duh.
  • Oh god, high speed rail subsidies. More #Fail
  • Stop the Crony Capitalism and our investments will work better.
  • Rebuilding what? 1000’s of 6-mo jobs. 9.5% unemp. Cripes, this guy hasn’t learned anything #OneTerm.
  • Highspeed rail = OutOfTouch
  • Nanyc’s face just cracked.
  • Yes, I must spend 5 hours per day working to ensure some farmer in Iowa can have internet. Thanks for taking away my freedom.
  • “Parade of lobbyists have…. ….worked in my White House.”
  • then git rid of corp tax rate.  fool.
  • You were fighting to raise Corp Tax rate for last 2 years..
  • Double exports by 2014. How?
  • 2000 pages of new regulations in healthcare
  • Anything can be improved = my healthcare laws sucks.
  • Oops my healthcare law sucks = 1099 debacle. #Fail
  • Lie, 99% of (Insurance Co Payment) denials for fraud.
  • Using the Brain Cancer survivor as a Prop. Check.
  • Good job Dems, looks like whole chamber is giving Standing O. Hmm, Repub played.
  • Blame Bush
  • Repubs have $250B / Yr reductions. #OutOfTouch
  • Where is Community Action Programs in the Constitution?
  • Where in Constitution does it say that Fed is responsible for Education when I can educate my kids at home?
  • $2T increased healthcare spending… …umm… …start there.
  • You LIE
  • You Lie
  • $50B of Healthcare Savings realized by stealing Student Loan Industry. YOU LIE!
  • Yes, the Wealthiest 2% don’t deserve to keep the money they earn.
  • Punish their success.
  • Wealthy people work for me!
  • Best thing would be to remove the tax code and base it on Consumption Tax. NO FORMs; NO IRS
  • More Competent / Efficient = Dump 99% of Senators/Congressmen/President.
  • FDA takes over when their smoked…. ..becuase of DEMS and BHO.
  • And adds 100,000 new Govt jobs.
  • He’s going to do a budget this year? Where was budget last year?
  • Your 1st 2 years was nothing but earmarks you ass.
  • Like Invaders across our borders.
  • Defeat enemies = Christians and Business?
  • Iraq where I won’t say we won the war because of the Bush Cheney surge
  • American Muslims are part of Americna Family? How about Christians Jews? Or, is this a Muslim Nation?
  • This is the most exercise Carl Levin gets all year.
  • Russian nuclear weapons failing, so START will make sure ours fail too.
  • Stand w/ S. Korea as they get repeatedly bombed by N. Korea and do nothing.
  • Corruption? How about that nifty job that M.Obama had in Chicago. #Corruptocrat
  • Biden hits on the Vodka
  • Would they have taken down the plexiglass for the speech?
  • No shit. We are united behind the troops. We’ve been there. Who hasn’t? Umm umm umm
  • Yes, the gay soldiers can openly ogle their buddies in the latrines. Yay!
  • But I’m proud of this country for the 1st time in my life.
  • Workaday Joe who’s cronies bought his house for him.
  • That got Boehner crying.
  • Brandon couldn’t have done it w/o the govt tho… …like Google, Internet, Space, Velcro.
  • Hope Brandon doesn’t make over $250,000. Then he’s one of the evil rich.
  • Is anyone in the Twismos crying?


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State Of The Union – Word Cloud Comparison

I thought it would be interesting to look at a comparison of the Word Cloud’s from President Obama’s 1st two State of the Union Addresses.

Here is the Word Cloud for President Obama’s State of the Union Address given on 01/25/11:



Here’s his Word Cloud for the 01/26/10 SotU:

For comparison purposes, here is Bush’s Word Cloud from his State of the Union Address in 2008:

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Tom Langlitz Cartoon – 01/25/2011

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Empty Suit; Empty Chair

First, the Left outraged the country by blaming the Gabrielle Giffords shooting on anyone or anything that leaned slightly to the Right of their Progressive biases.  Trying to capitalize on a continued narrative advanced by the State Run Media that the Tea Partiers, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Conservatives are unhinged and dangerous, the Left attacked — only to be left silenced when the facts came in about Jared Lee Loughner being a Bush-hating liberal.

‘Fear not great Progressive movement, we have yet another chance to wield the shooting of Giffords and the deaths of others to beat back the great Conservative scourge.’

Yes, the Left’s most popular Chicago Corruptocrat, the First Ma-Lady herself, will bring the exploitation of Gabrielle Giffords to life at tonight’s State Of The Union Address.  To give the most possible poignancy, a chair near Mrs. Obama will be left empty in an effort to highlight the absence of Congressman Giffords.


Add in the family of slain 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green, and Mr. Obama will have the perfect props lined up in the gallery on which to lecture the evil Right-Wingers about toning down the rhetoric, civility, and a new era of bipartisanship.  Ignore the statements from The One such as:

  • If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun
  • …called on Latino voters to punish their “enemies” on Election Day
  • GOP takeover of Congress would mean ‘hand-to-hand combat,’ Obama warns

I could go on and on.

Count on this — the State Run “Is The Head Dead Yet” Media will fawn over the spectacle declaring the Obamas as magnanimous and noble.  Had she only been shot another week earlier, they could have propped her hospital bed up in the gallery for all to see what the heinous rhetoric of the Right has caused to be foisted on Giffords.  I can almost hear a breathless phone call from a White House office to Giffords’ husband begging him to bring her to Obama’s speech.

Bottom line: Shameless pandering to a few examples of the wonders and accomplishments of the current President have become standard operating procedure at the State Of The Union Address.  Be it Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush or Reagan, such displays are sappy at best and cheeky at worst.

But to exploit the near death of Giffords and the death of others to advance your agenda… …pathetic.

Imagine the outcry had Bush put up an empty chair to represent Daniel Pearl or a soldier killed or injured in Afghanistan.

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Choking Out The TSA

While I generally consider Jesse Ventura to be a bit ‘out there‘, he’s getting ready to give the TSA a flying elbow drop with his announcement on Monday 1/24/11 that he will sue the TSA for infringement on his/our 4th Amendment rights!



On January 5th, I myself was subjected to the invasive and unconstitutional infringement on my 4th Amendment rights by an agent of the Federal Government.  At the St. Louis Terminal (as in termination of rights), Michelle was waved through the Metal Detector, and I was pointed toward the AIT (Porno) Scanner.

The 4th Amendment to the Constitution expressly forbids the Federal Government from unreasonable search and seizure without warrant or affirmation of a crime.  My purchase of an Airline Ticket and appearance at the Airport in no way constitute the commission of a crime.  Yet, I was expected to stand naked in front of a Federal Agent for the purpose of searching my person.  No, I was not expected to remove my clothes, however, with technology, the Federal Agent would have been able to view me in an unclothed manner.

I opted out of the AIT  Scanner and was subjected to a humiliating hand pat-down which included being touched on my crotch and buttocks by the Federal Agent.

No accusation of a crime.  No evidence of malfeasance.  Nothing.  Just the desire to travel freely gives the Obama Administration and the TSA, in their estimation, the right to view or touch my private body parts.


Check out my post here for a discussion of the 4th Amendment and the TSA.

As for Jesse Ventura, I applaud you for taking the lead on this expansion of the Federal Government and invasion of our rights.

Give ’em hell Jesse… …and a Back Elbow, Bell Clap, Body Press , Big Splash, Body Avalanche, Crossbody, Lou Thesz Press, Stinger Splash, Vertical Press, Bronco Buster, Backhand Chop, Cross Chop, Forehand Chop, Kesagiri Chop, Mongolian Chop, Overhead Chop, Clothesline , Cactus Clothesline, Corner Clothesline, Flying Clothesline, Short-Arm Clothesline, Springboard Clothesline, Three-Point Stance Clothesline, Double Axe Handle, Butt Drop, Chop Drop, Elbow Drop , Bionic Elbow, Spinning Headlock Elbow Drop, Fist Drop, Forearm Drop, Headbutt Drop, Knee Drop, Knee Drop Bulldog, Leg Drop, Elbow Smash, Facewash, Forearm Club, Forearm Smash, Flying Forearm Smash, Sliding Forearm Smash, Headbutt , Battering Ram, Trapping Headbutts, Knee Strikes, Go  Sleep, High Knee, Shining Wizard, Hip Attack, Backflip Kick , Corner Backflip Kick, Big Boot, Bicycle Kick, Dragon Whip, Dropkick, Enzuigiri, Football Kick, Jumping High Kick, Legsweep, Mule Kick, Overhead Kick, Punt, Rolling Wheel Kick, Savate Kick, Scissors Kick, Shoot Kick, Sole Kick, Spin Kick, Spinning Heel Kick, Stomp, Double Foot Stomp, Superkick, Tiger Feint Kick, Lariat , Crooked Arm Lariat, Flying Lariat, Lariat Takedown, Leg Lariat, Punch , Heart Punch, Mounted Punches, Spinning Back Fist, Slap , Double Slap, Palm Strike, Senton , Cannonball, Seated Senton, Shoulder Block , Chop Block, Spear, Turnbuckle Thrust, Standing Moonsault, Standing Shooting Star Press, Stink Face, Uppercut , European Uppercut, Knee Lift, Double Knee Lift, Throat Thrust, Weapon Shot , Chair Shot, One Man Con-Chair-To, El Kabong, Discus, Handspring, Pendulum, Rolling Thunder, Illegal Attacks , Asian Mist, Biting, Eye Poke, Eye Rake, Fireball, Hangman, Hair Pull, Low Blow , and especially… …A Testicular Claw.

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Harry’s Bitch

Apparently, Harry Reid thinks the House is his bitch.  Someone might want to tell him that the House has every bit as much power as the Senate!  If a bill passes the Senate and doesn’t pass the House, we have the same effect as if a bill passes the House and doesn’t pass the Senate.

In light of those thoughts, it might behoove Mr. Reid to give his ‘friends’ across the aisle — across the Capitol — their due and bring the ObamaCare Repeal Act to the floor of the Senate.  He might want to remember that Mr. Boehner has the same power to decide what comes to the House floor, and that he, Mr. Reid, might have some legislation that starts in the Senate that he’d like to see on the floor of the House.

Mr. Reid thinks he’s tough and Boehner is his bitch.

But, if the Republicans paid any attention to the VOTERS in November of 2010, Boehner better be 10x tougher than Dingy Harry thinks he is!


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Schnuck’s Panic Aisle Now Open


Schnucks Panic Aisle - 01With the Meteorologists warning of 40 to 60 inches of snow, the Rockin’ Conservative just got official notice that the Schnuck’s Panic Aisle is now open at all St. Louis and Cape Girardeau area stores.

In what is expected to be a day of heavy panic, St. Louis and Cape Girardeau shoppers can rest easy that their most basic snow-day needs are available for handy purchase at your local Schnuck’s.  The Panic Aisle allows for the easy quick sale of Bread, Milk and Eggs in preparation for the  imminent Snowtastrophocalypse.  A breakfast or lunch of French Toast is a MUST on Snow-Days!

Additional items such as salt, ice melt, snow shovels, sleds, wine, movies, and chicken noodle soup may be found in the Panic Aisle.

Double Coupons if you get there before 6:00am!

Do not ram shopping carts or otherwise injure fellow shoppers!

That is all.

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