Liberals Call For Removal Of Illegal Immigrants

I mean… …liberals call for removal of free speech rights.  That’s much more apropos in the twisted mind of a liberal.

In the meme of never letting a tragedy go to waste, liberals, politicians and pundits alike, are lining up to decry the vitriol and toxic speech in our current political climate.  They are convicting free speech rights as the final straw that sent poor Jared Loughner over the edge of his psychoses to kill 6 and injure 13.

One note at the bottom of CNN’s screen indicated that a Bill was all ready to be introduced to limit the speech deemed toxic and hateful in politics and public discourse.


Illegal Immigrants – I mean Invaders – kill American citizens every day, and there is no liberal outcry to have their presence in the U.S. removed.  There is no condescending CNN / MSNBC newscasters calling for reason and sanity.  I suspect more than 6 Americans have been killed by Invaders since the Tucson shooting!  Certainly more than 13 have been injured in auto accidents, stabbings, and robberies.

I have posed often that it’s going to take the killing of a Senator or above (or one of their children) to get the same outrage against the Invaders that there will be against Free Speech.

This Administration has successfully stripped us of our 4th Amendment rights via the TSA in the name false security.  Now, they’ll have ample opportunity to work to remove our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights in the name of protecting us as well.

Count on it!

Oh, and it’s Bush’s fault for starting all those wars too!  Just heard someone whine that on the CNN too.

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