The Tea Party Is Anti-Government

I was reading this article, and stopped quickly to offer the retort below:


Stopped wasting my time reading this tripe when you claim the Tea Party is “anti-government”.  Makes me think you WORK for the left-wing mass media.  This is the same meme they advance daily.

Have you been to a Tea Party to see what the speakers and attendees say and do?  Or do you just write based on what the State Run Media spoon feeds to you after they find the one guy in the crowd with a sign that can loosely be called racist — before he got chased off.

Tea Party members generally believe (IMHO) that left-wing equals more government control, more taxes, more rules, regulations, control, more taxes, less freedom, more people on the dole.  That is the mode of operations of most Democrats and about half the Republican party.

Tea Party members are NOT anti-government.  They believe in measured government especially in the sphere of the Federal Government.  Items needing government control, not specifically listed in the Constitution, are left to the Government of the State and to the people.   Federalism.  That’s the mode of some Republicans and a few Democrats.

Did you get that?  We understand and believe in the necessary evil of Government.  We are anti-big-controlling-marxist-socialist-hitlarian-taxing-spending-wasting-communist-corrupt-giant government.

But, if you aren’t studied enough to know these basic facts about the Tea Party, you probably aren’t the best guy to go around commenting on their ideals.

FWIW, many of us are more upset with the Republicans than we are with the Democrats.

I also went to the 10/2 One Nation Rally with all the usual suspects (liberals / left-wingers / progressives) and the Communists / Socialists / Marxists / Anarchists!  And, the main thing I learned there is that we all have the same basic goal:  The ability for someone to work and have a decent life.

The difference is in the means by which we would make that happen.  It seems those on the left think that the fruit of the rich man’s labor should be taken from them by force and redistributed to the less wealthy.  Obviously, that is Obama’s ideal.

Those on the right think that they should be able to keep the fruits of their labor with minimal taxation and minimal government.  They believe regulations should be kept at a minimum to allow the poor / middle class to work hard to create their own wealth.  We right-wingers hate the idea of crony capitalism and blame it for many of the ills that plague our country.

And, it isn’t just the Republicans who engage in crony capitalism.  Look up the facts of how much money Obama got from Big Oil and Wall Street.  Take a look at how many Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan execs are flowing in and out of his Administration.

Yes, I understand that there are various flavors of liberal, left, progressive.

Attack me at will.

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