Harry’s Bitch

Apparently, Harry Reid thinks the House is his bitch.  Someone might want to tell him that the House has every bit as much power as the Senate!  If a bill passes the Senate and doesn’t pass the House, we have the same effect as if a bill passes the House and doesn’t pass the Senate.

In light of those thoughts, it might behoove Mr. Reid to give his ‘friends’ across the aisle — across the Capitol — their due and bring the ObamaCare Repeal Act to the floor of the Senate.  He might want to remember that Mr. Boehner has the same power to decide what comes to the House floor, and that he, Mr. Reid, might have some legislation that starts in the Senate that he’d like to see on the floor of the House.

Mr. Reid thinks he’s tough and Boehner is his bitch.

But, if the Republicans paid any attention to the VOTERS in November of 2010, Boehner better be 10x tougher than Dingy Harry thinks he is!

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