Empty Suit; Empty Chair

25 Jan

First, the Left outraged the country by blaming the Gabrielle Giffords shooting on anyone or anything that leaned slightly to the Right of their Progressive biases.  Trying to capitalize on a continued narrative advanced by the State Run Media that the Tea Partiers, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Conservatives are unhinged and dangerous, the Left attacked — only to be left silenced when the facts came in about Jared Lee Loughner being a Bush-hating liberal.

‘Fear not great Progressive movement, we have yet another chance to wield the shooting of Giffords and the deaths of others to beat back the great Conservative scourge.’

Yes, the Left’s most popular Chicago Corruptocrat, the First Ma-Lady herself, will bring the exploitation of Gabrielle Giffords to life at tonight’s State Of The Union Address.  To give the most possible poignancy, a chair near Mrs. Obama will be left empty in an effort to highlight the absence of Congressman Giffords.


Add in the family of slain 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green, and Mr. Obama will have the perfect props lined up in the gallery on which to lecture the evil Right-Wingers about toning down the rhetoric, civility, and a new era of bipartisanship.  Ignore the statements from The One such as:

  • If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun
  • …called on Latino voters to punish their “enemies” on Election Day
  • GOP takeover of Congress would mean ‘hand-to-hand combat,’ Obama warns

I could go on and on.

Count on this — the State Run “Is The Head Dead Yet” Media will fawn over the spectacle declaring the Obamas as magnanimous and noble.  Had she only been shot another week earlier, they could have propped her hospital bed up in the gallery for all to see what the heinous rhetoric of the Right has caused to be foisted on Giffords.  I can almost hear a breathless phone call from a White House office to Giffords’ husband begging him to bring her to Obama’s speech.

Bottom line: Shameless pandering to a few examples of the wonders and accomplishments of the current President have become standard operating procedure at the State Of The Union Address.  Be it Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush or Reagan, such displays are sappy at best and cheeky at worst.

But to exploit the near death of Giffords and the death of others to advance your agenda… …pathetic.

Imagine the outcry had Bush put up an empty chair to represent Daniel Pearl or a soldier killed or injured in Afghanistan.

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