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Balanced Budgets And Entitlements

Considering that we can find a Million men and women to face the enemy on the battlefield all over the earth…  Considering we can find men and women to face down criminals in cities all over our country…  Considering we can find men and women brave enough to run into a burning building to save dying people and put out the fire to save their possession…

…it is a national shame that none of the 537 Federally elected Representatives (Pres, VP, Senate, House) have the courage to face down the massive entitlement crisis that looms like a leviathan over America’s economy and national security.

I have a solution for them:  The Balanced Budget Amendment.

Given the passage of a balanced budget amendment, the Representatives will have no choice but to face up to reducing the amount of money that goes to entitlements of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security; reforming the way the money is used; and removing the fraud inherent in the system.

Orrin Hatch, keep fighting for the Balanced Budget Amendment!  It is one of our best hopes for reining in the entitlement annihilation.

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State Of The Union – Tweetatble

When I wasn’t yelling at the TV, I was tweeting away during the speech.  Here are some of my textual character limited rants:

  • Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit Exploit
  • Don’t you DARE chastise me for my rhetoric!
  • Work Together Tomorrow = Republicans in back of the bus
  • Bush blame at 9:16.
  • Tax cuts we passed = Tax Cuts BHO fought against
  • 1,000,000 private sector jobs in 2010. Need 250,000 per month dipsquat
  • Mr. President, the people who need those jobs are still here and don’t want to go to college.
  • China investing in research = Stealing U.S. Secrets
  • Agree, but the Federal Govt can’t out-innovate etc. Too much corruption and crony capitalism
  • Regulation Reform = 2 Trillion Tax $$ Increase to have govt spend on Health Control
  • 30 years ago couldn’t predict Internet… …but certainly can take it over 30 years later.
  • Without government, no GPS, Internet, Innovations?!?!?!
  • Invest in Clean Energy tech?!?!? Nooo. Really?
  • Can’t wait to hear the real details of the ‘solar shingles’ company
  • Can’t disagree w/ stopping subsidies to oil (or any other) company.
    • Given that the subsidies are likely used for the very expensive task of finding and opening the drilling for the oil, I might reconsider this statement
  • Sorry, no hope for you. Uneducated lefties like you callously used Giffords to attack the right. Very pathetic.
  • Umm, we respect the teachers; just not the union leaders. #OutOfTouch
  • By taking away DC students’ school choice. Good job Dems and BHO.
  • Become a teacher, Obama needs your union dues.
  • No offense, but what a bunch of crap. “…and unicorn farts will smell like roses”
  • Amnesty
  • Charge them double if they come from other countries to use our Universities. Duh.
  • Oh god, high speed rail subsidies. More #Fail
  • Stop the Crony Capitalism and our investments will work better.
  • Rebuilding what? 1000’s of 6-mo jobs. 9.5% unemp. Cripes, this guy hasn’t learned anything #OneTerm.
  • Highspeed rail = OutOfTouch
  • Nanyc’s face just cracked.
  • Yes, I must spend 5 hours per day working to ensure some farmer in Iowa can have internet. Thanks for taking away my freedom.
  • “Parade of lobbyists have…. ….worked in my White House.”
  • then git rid of corp tax rate.  fool.
  • You were fighting to raise Corp Tax rate for last 2 years..
  • Double exports by 2014. How?
  • 2000 pages of new regulations in healthcare
  • Anything can be improved = my healthcare laws sucks.
  • Oops my healthcare law sucks = 1099 debacle. #Fail
  • Lie, 99% of (Insurance Co Payment) denials for fraud.
  • Using the Brain Cancer survivor as a Prop. Check.
  • Good job Dems, looks like whole chamber is giving Standing O. Hmm, Repub played.
  • Blame Bush
  • Repubs have $250B / Yr reductions. #OutOfTouch
  • Where is Community Action Programs in the Constitution?
  • Where in Constitution does it say that Fed is responsible for Education when I can educate my kids at home?
  • $2T increased healthcare spending… …umm… …start there.
  • You LIE
  • You Lie
  • $50B of Healthcare Savings realized by stealing Student Loan Industry. YOU LIE!
  • Yes, the Wealthiest 2% don’t deserve to keep the money they earn.
  • Punish their success.
  • Wealthy people work for me!
  • Best thing would be to remove the tax code and base it on Consumption Tax. NO FORMs; NO IRS
  • More Competent / Efficient = Dump 99% of Senators/Congressmen/President.
  • FDA takes over when their smoked…. ..becuase of DEMS and BHO.
  • And adds 100,000 new Govt jobs.
  • He’s going to do a budget this year? Where was budget last year?
  • Your 1st 2 years was nothing but earmarks you ass.
  • Like Invaders across our borders.
  • Defeat enemies = Christians and Business?
  • Iraq where I won’t say we won the war because of the Bush Cheney surge
  • American Muslims are part of Americna Family? How about Christians Jews? Or, is this a Muslim Nation?
  • This is the most exercise Carl Levin gets all year.
  • Russian nuclear weapons failing, so START will make sure ours fail too.
  • Stand w/ S. Korea as they get repeatedly bombed by N. Korea and do nothing.
  • Corruption? How about that nifty job that M.Obama had in Chicago. #Corruptocrat
  • Biden hits on the Vodka
  • Would they have taken down the plexiglass for the speech?
  • No shit. We are united behind the troops. We’ve been there. Who hasn’t? Umm umm umm
  • Yes, the gay soldiers can openly ogle their buddies in the latrines. Yay!
  • But I’m proud of this country for the 1st time in my life.
  • Workaday Joe who’s cronies bought his house for him.
  • That got Boehner crying.
  • Brandon couldn’t have done it w/o the govt tho… …like Google, Internet, Space, Velcro.
  • Hope Brandon doesn’t make over $250,000. Then he’s one of the evil rich.
  • Is anyone in the Twismos crying?


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State Of The Union – Word Cloud Comparison

I thought it would be interesting to look at a comparison of the Word Cloud’s from President Obama’s 1st two State of the Union Addresses.

Here is the Word Cloud for President Obama’s State of the Union Address given on 01/25/11:



Here’s his Word Cloud for the 01/26/10 SotU:

For comparison purposes, here is Bush’s Word Cloud from his State of the Union Address in 2008:

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